Valencia-Real Madrid | Zidane shows his face for Jovic: “It’s the future and will make many goals”

first_img“We did not come for a walk” Zidane First time in Arabia: “Yes. And the enthusiasm for the competition is tremendous. We don’t come for a walk. We know there will be difficulties, but we’re not going to walk, we have to give everything.”The defense: “To attack well you have to defend well. And we are doing it. On the offensive level we have to show many resources.”Opening of Arabia: “I am happy to be here, because the competition is important. The personal issue is something else. I am here for a professional matter and they have received us very well. We are glad for that.”Team Solidarity: “If we are strong behind and they make us few goals, we have quality to annoy any rival. Tomorrow is totally different. We are all convinced that we will pass.”Luka Jovic: “It is the future. He is 21 years old, he is learning and he has changed countries. He wants to learn a lot, works well and is very good. He will score many goals. Everyone says it, but it seems to me, in addition, a complete player” . The December game against Valencia: “Every game is a world. We are both away from home. This is another competition, a semifinal. Everything changes. With the casualties there will be other teams. Cheerfully we are happy, happy. We will put all our energy.” Zidanecenter_img Zinedine Zidane appeared before the media in Jeddah, in the previous one of the semifinal of the Spanish Super Cup against Valencia. The French coach analyzed the actuality of Real Madrid and revealed the ownership of Luka Jovic to replace the injured Benzema: “It is a clear option, an important option.”Despite the casualties, what are your feelings? “The sensations are good, although we lose players like Bale and Benzema, but it is our turn now. There is a very long squad and we know that the others are there to respond. We are ready to make a good game tomorrow.”Is it possible in case of beating Valencia that Bale travels to the final? “I am looking only tomorrow, I do not look further. For us we are focused on that and without thinking about it later. Then we will see. In the end, Bale’s has been a medical decision and we accept it.”After Benzema’s leave, is tomorrow the only option to replace him is Jovic or does something different arise?: “Jovic is a clear choice, but as always. You’ll see it tomorrow. But it’s an important option.”How about the Super Cup being played in Saudi Arabia? “Well, we’re here to play a game outside and we adapt. We think about tomorrow’s game, which is a semifinal but for us it’s a final. We didn’t come for a walk.” “Jovic is an important option against Valencia” Some images were seen in Istanbul in which Jovic seemed to have trouble understanding his instructions. Is language being a problem? “Is that my Spanish is very bad (laughs). No, the boy wants to learn. You have to go slowly with him, he has only been on the team for five months. Peace of mind and patience, because he is a player that has cost us a lot. It is the future”.Is Madrid the favorite? “The four of us are favorites. There is a final tomorrow and we do not see beyond, there is no plan beyond.”Absences: “It is what it is. I would like to have everyone. Also Hazard or Marco Asensio. Ours are the ones who are here and we are ready. It is an opportunity.”last_img read more

Real Madrid-Celta Madrid steps on a Mine

first_imgCardsReferee: Javier Alberola RojasVAR Referee: José Luis Munuera MonteroOlaza (56 ‘, Yellow) Bale (71 ‘, Yellow) Carvajal (73 ‘, Yellow) Okay Yokuslu (75 ‘, Yellow Goals0-1, 6 ‘: Fedor Smolov, 1-1, 51 ‘: Kroos, 2-1, 64 ‘: Sergio Ramos, 2-2, 84 ‘: Santi Mina ChangesPione Sisto (54 ‘, Kevin Vázquez), Denis Suarez (69 ‘, Fedor Smolov), Vinicius Junior (72 ‘, Hazard), Modric (80 ‘, Kroos), Santi Mina (82 ‘, Filip Bradaric), Ferland Mendy (83 ‘, Bale) The Celtic, on the other hand, boasted central and wisdom of Rafinha, a reference midfielder, definitely the team’s beacon. And he regretted not going to rest with more advantage because Courtois was feline in a header from Aidoo at the exit of a corner. That shot would have killed Madrid.The second part returned to the team Zidane some verticality and good sense in the game, although it began with a goal annulled to Ramos, self-proclaimed nine of the team. But the somewhat valid had a very different style, in a combination Benzema-Marcelo and delayed pass of the Brazilian who Kroos finished with surgical precision, which has scored more goals for Celta than any other team. The wind change of Madrid came inspired by the German and Casemiro, lighthouse and lighthouse keeper. They took the ball and breathing from Celta and the others walked for the cause.In a few minutes Madrid culminated the comeback. Benzema put a pass through the gorge to Hazard which he was barely getting and no goal option when Rubén ran over him. Ramos penalty and goal of Ramos, this time in natural luck.Oscar put Sisto, elf and trasto in one body. Y Alberola lent a hand to Madrid by forgiving Bale’s red for a foul entry to Rafinha. Only then was Celta what it looks like, a team full of good foot players. Madrid felt threatened and Zidane ended up putting Modric, a player with enormous magnetism in the center of the field. A match killer. And then to Mendy. But Celta did better with the changes. Two substitutes, Denis Suárez and Santi Mina, pin and executor, hung the tie medal, to confirm that the equipment is not what it seems in the table. The one hundred point champions are over as the video clubs are over. The new era will be full of matches like Saturday at Camp Nou or east of the Bernabéu, in which Celta, who came to the game in decline and left out of it, showed that he lives up to the League. Madrid sent more than finished, issue that has been pending for a year and a half, left two points and has Barca back in the cogote.In a way away from his style, with an unusual collectivism, almost a rarity in the house, Madrid has survived the two months and peak without Hazard, the player who must bring spring. He returned without anesthesia, in the initial eleven, and before Celta, a team that lives clearly below their means. A racehorse among workhorses. One of those teams whose elegance makes them especially vulnerable in the south of the table. Hazard’s was not Zidane’s only surprise, determined not to leave anyone behind either in advance or withdrawal. So he repeated with Bale, a matter of faith in which he is about to be left alone, and gave the game to Marcelo, relegated by a side of suture like Mendy, threatened by four yellow. But Bale and Marcelo are so far from themselves.A melodic alignment that He soon encountered the adversity of a Celta goal. A goal that deserves a separate chapter for its accuracy. Aspas put a deep pass through the eye of the needle and Smolov only needed two master touches to beat Courtois: control in the race and a shot placed. Until then, Madrid had not managed to filter a pass in that lag of five that Oscar Garcia takes under the arm to the big stages, although he was recovering soon, accelerated the circulation of the ball and moved the Galicians from band to band. Celta reached the goal without the ball. And without the ball he then defended halfway between accumulation and order, with some parenthesis of Rafinha, the best out of the Galicians, and Aspas, an exceptional player inside and outside the area.Madrid threw the tick of the thick days: send centers to the area incessantly, many to Tuntun, tired of not finding roads below. And so the thing does not go beyond inviting Ramos to change area, something that does not need to insist too much. A strategy for Jovic … without Jovic. Hazard entered and left the left, Bale did not move from the right, Benzema was drowned in that defensive mash and the thrust of the flyers was insufficient.Oscar’s decisive changesSo Madrid went to rest with a huge ball, a clear conscience in recovery and two distant auctions of Casemiro and Marcelo and a closer and higher Bale, after combination Hazard-Benzema, society that promises. But he missed Modric and Isco, players who break lines, and Vinicius.last_img read more

Gattuso: “I prefer to qualify for the Europa League to eliminate Barça”

first_imgThe coach explained that he made peace with Allan, who was not summoned for the match with Cagliari for training poorly (“I have no grudge and these days it has worked well”), while He left Koulibaly’s presence almost ruled out for the Champions appointment: “We’ll see in five, six days how he is. He knows his body.” Rino Gattuso, as expected, He doesn’t want to know anything about Barça until Saturday. It’s more: If I could choose between eliminating the Catalans and qualifying for the Europa League, I would not hesitate to choose the second option. “Because it would mean winning many more games”explained the coach of Naples, that tomorrow he will play in Brescia, he needs points to continue believing in the European comeback (ninth march, two points from sixth place) and does not want to have more scares.The partneopei won five of the last six games played, beating Lazio, Juventus, Inter, Sampdoria and Cagliari, but they unexpectedly fell in San Paolo before Lecce. Gattuso continues “without trusting” and has ensured that nobody, in the locker room, talked about Barça, although he jokingly added that If the Catalans are in crisis, “we live in the hospital.”last_img read more

Turkish football will not stop despite the coronavirus crisis

first_imgThe latest decisions taken by UEFA after the coronavirus crisis, such as the postponement of a year for the European Championship or the setting of new dates for the Champions League and Europa League finals, have received the support of the vast majority of the national federations. Nevertheless, the Turkish has put the discordant note. According to Nihat Özdemir, president of the Turkish Football Federation, there is less danger in the Ottoman country from the COVID-19 pandemic and has decided that matches will continue to be played without an audience. The federation prefers to maintain its first decision despite the reactions of clubs and players.That attitude of the federation has caught surprise several clubs that were expected to suspend the league. In a context in which several leagues in Europe have been suspended, the Turkish federation will have to defend itself against criticism.For his part, footballers are concerned about the coronavirusThey do not want to continue playing and vehemently demand that the championship be stopped.last_img read more

Suspending the big 5 leagues will mean € 4bn of losses

first_imgThe KPMG consultancy calculates a loss of four billion euros for the suspension of the five major leagues. According to the study presented by its Sports and Entertainment division, the biggest consequences would be for the Premier, which would stop entering more than 1,250 million euros. The next to suffer the consequences of the pandemic would be LaLiga, with almost a billion. The largest part of the losses corresponds to the amounts that would not be collected for television rights, but the clubs with more media projection, the so-called ‘universal’ marketing ones, would also bear the impact due to the decrease in their merchandising and brand products. Among them would be Real Madrid and Manchester United, two of the most followed in the world.But UEFA is confident that the problem is temporary and that the leagues of Spain, Italy, France, Germany and England can resume the competition at the latest in mid-May.. Otherwise, it would be necessary to take unpleasant measures, such as reducing the salary of footballers, something that has already been heard in the Bundesliga and to which the world players’ union, FIFPro, flatly refuses.last_img read more

Rajkovic, another candidate for the goal of Sevilla

first_imgThe Sevilla goal It is one of the positions that will surely be reinforced by Monchi as for market allow. And from France, specifically the TF20 medium, the last candidate arrives: Predrag Rajkovic. 24-year-old Serbian goalkeeper belonging to the Stade de Reims, is one of the favorites of Monchi according to the aforementioned media, since the follow-up to the player comes from the belonged to the Maccabi in Tel Aviv. Rajkovic is the goalkeeper Stade de Reims and this season he played 27 of the 28 days Ligue 1. In them, their numbers They are 18 conceded goals, having left their goal to zero on 12 occasions. Interestingly, the Stade de Reims has only fit more than two goals andn a championship match, precisely the one Rajkovic was lost. As noted, the Serbian goalkeeper combines his 1.92 with a good footwork, an essential quality for Lopetegui soccer. In Nervión it is still pending from offering renewal to Vaclik, while it is clear that the purchase option on Bond. To this we must add that both Sergio Rico as Juan Soriano will return from their assignments PSG and Leganés respectively and they will have to find accommodation since they are not part of the club’s plans.last_img read more

“The Atlético was pure smoke”

first_imgLuis Advíncula, Peruvian international right back for Rayo Vallecano, declared that after the 2018 World Cup in France “there was never anything with Atlético de Madrid”, that the rumors that placed him in the rojiblanco team were “pure smoke” and he confessed that “now”, at Rayo Vallecano, he is “very comfortable”.Advíncula, 30 years old and 90 times international, is one of the Peruvian soccer players with the most international experience. He has played in Germany (TSG Hoffenheim), Brazil (Ponte Preta), Portugal (Vitoria Setubal), Turkey (Bursaspor), Argentina (Newell’s Old Boys) and Mexico (Tigres y Lobos). Since 2018 he plays for Rayo Vallecano, with whom he now competes in the Spanish Second Division and has a contract until 2022. After the World Cup in Brazil, in which Peru was eliminated in the group stage, Advíncula received offers but opted for Rayo.“After the World Cup offers came, but the one that most seduced me was Rayo because I always wanted to come to the Spanish League. I had a proposal from Turkey, from Brazil, from Girona here, from the second in England. There was never anything with Atlético Madrid, it was pure smoke “Advíncula confessed to ESPN.The Peruvian soccer player recognized that, even if it is in the Second Division, “now he is very comfortable at Rayo”, in which he has been a starter on the right side throughout the season until the suspension of the championship.last_img read more

“Monchi, 13 masterclass”: the secrets of Sevilla’s success

first_imgLaLiga Santander* Data updated as of April 20, 2020 “Monchi, 13 masterclass” is the title of the serial that started on the official channels of Seville on Monday night. The content is none other than the work methodology of Ramón Rodríguez Verdejo when it comes to captaining the sporting direction of the Nerve entity. In the first of the 13 chapters, which will be 13 minutes long (in memory of the number that Monchi wore in Seville as a player), the one in San Fernando focused on the so-called “luck factor”.Before starting, Monchi clarified the existence of three models: the presidentialist, the Anglo-Saxon (where the coach decides) and the mixed model, in which Sevilla is framed and that is made up of three columns: the president and his council, those in charge of the accounts, the coach, who decides the profile, not the name of the transfer and the sports management, who takes the economic and sports information and is in charge of putting name. “I am a sports director by chance, it was not my vocation. I wanted to be a goalkeeper first and a lawyer later, but thank God Roberto Alés crossed my path”, confessed the Seville sports director, who has accumulated 20 years in office. Regarding the luck factor, Monchi pointed to Bilardo as his teacher: “We are both very superstitious, but we believe very little in luck. The objective is to shorten the luck factor as much as possible with work. In the small nuance are the great achievements. “Recalling his beginnings, Monchi explained that his two goals were to win games and sign players. To fulfill the first, he chose to take the role of being a sports director close to the locker room, both to the footballers and the coach, but also close to people to give them their necessary environment. “I like being stuck with the coach and being a tool for him.” As for the signings, the first step was the creation of a scout network that Sevilla did not have much developed at the beginning of the century.And so ended the first chapter of a more than didactic serial that will continue in the coming days and which will touch on topics as novel as Big Data. “Soccer is a game that has a luck factor, but we have to knock down that factor. Luck influences, but you have to work to reduce that factor to the maximum, “Monchi explained before ending with a sentence from Valdano:” Success is only ahead of the work in the dictionary. “last_img read more

The Rayo squad and coaching staff pass the initial tests

first_imgTake a look at outcomes are often accessible after 48 hours and they are going to be strictly confidential. To get all the things out appropriately and following the LaLiga protocol, Rayo will start planning his gamers’ return to work individually. The first step to attempt to end this season.To this morning’s appointment too the long-term injured have come (Alberto, Child, Ulloa …) to allow them to proceed with their restoration and some youth squads, as is the case of Mario de Luis, Dani Moreno or Fabián Luzzi, who be a part of the Morro, Montiel or Martín Pascual. “Right here we sweat, run, sneeze and we’re all collectively. That’s the nice threat of soccer. You must see if it really works out or not. I’ve kind of designed the subsequent few weeks of coaching, “Paco Jémez defined on this regard, in an interview with ‘Unión Rayo’.The franjirrojo coach was cautious with how all the things will go: “As soon as we’ve the outcomes we’ll know when and what number of we will begin. Planning 4 or 5 days away is not possible. LaLiga is praying that a number of gamers from a staff usually are not contaminated. If that happens when group observe happens, we’re performed. “ The Rayo squad and coaching staff underwent medical tests this Thursday previous to return to exercise. Not solely the members of the first staff have been examined for the coronavirus, they’ve additionally been membership employees whose work is crucial throughout this primary part of exercises. Staff who, resulting from their operate, may have a relationship with sports activities personnel.The gamers have needed to present your knowledge at the entrance to the Sports activities Metropolis, as they had been arriving and for entry they had been required to put on gloves and a masks. The whole lot below strict safety management. What’s extra, the franjirrojo membership has detailed that the entrance to the space, the place the tests had been being carried out, has been carried out individually and managed.last_img read more