Live onair licking of TV reporter sparks outrage

first_imgTORONTO — An incident in which a man nuzzles and licks the ear of an on-air TV journalist reporting on a comedy event was roundly condemned on Wednesday, with some arguing the actions amounted to an assault.In a widely seen clip, CBC’s Chris Glover is talking back to the studio when one man leans into the frame behind him and mugs in front of the camera before leaving while a second man, dressed in a green Saskatchewan Roughriders hoodie, moves in on the reporter.This is so disturbing and I get more uncomfortable every time I watch this creepy guy assault @chrisgloverCBC on live television. Why do people think it’s OK to #harass & #assault reporters while they do their job?! It’s gotta stop! @chrisgloverCBC @CBCToronto #Toronto #reporter— Jeffrey Vallis (@jeffrey_vallis) February 27, 2019The man, identified by multiple viewers as comic actor Boyd Banks who has appeared on CBC shows, proceeds to demonstratively lick Glover’s ear and kisses his neck while the journalist continues speaking, before throwing it back to the studio with the line:“Things are getting a little awkward out here, so I’m going to pass it back to you,” Glover said.“Yeah, that’s a little strange. It’s really unnecessary,” host Dwight Drummond told Glover. “Just move away from that gentleman.”Neither Glover nor Drummond responded to a request for comment. However, a spokesman for CBC denounced the man’s actions and praised the reporter.“Chris Glover showed remarkable composure and professionalism in the face of a very awkward situation,” Chuck Thompson said. “Unfortunately, the trend of harassing reporters continues and is something we take very seriously.”Thompson called the incident “troubling as they are unacceptable.” He did not say what, if anything, the broadcaster planned to do about the situation. Toronto police said they had no record of a complaint.Saskatchewan-born Banks, who has multiple film and TV credits including the CBC’s “Little Mosque on the Prairie,” could not be immediately reached for comment.In recent years, female reporters in particular have been the subject of crude, harassing catcalls which, in some cases, have resulted in charges against the perpetrator. More recently, other journalists have been physically assaulted while doing their jobs in public.The 40-second clip of Glover sparked outrage on social media, with some condemning what happened as an assault, and others saying they would not have remained so calm.“This is disgusting,” CBC reporter Lorenda Reddekopp tweeted. “I also can’t believe none of the bystanders did anything.”“This is so disturbing and I get more uncomfortable every time I watch,” said Toronto-based writer Jeffrey Vallis on Twitter. “Why do people think it’s OK to harass and assault reporters while they do their job?”Thompson said the particular assignment was viewed as “low risk” but noted situations can be unpredictable. Regardless, Thompson called the incident troubling.“This type of harassment is completely unacceptable from any individual,” he said.Colin Perkel, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Greek bank shares tumble amid fears over bad loans

first_imgATHENS, Greece – Greek banking shares have fallen sharply amid investor fears over lenders’ needs to reduce their large stock of bad loans resulting from the financial crisis.The index of bank stocks closed nearly 9 per cent lower in Athens on Wednesday. Piraeus Bank led the losses, at 20.7 per cent, after reports said it and the National Bank of Greece have pledged to reduce their bad loans more aggressively in coming years.Reducing bad loans can mean writing off assets and booking losses.The Athens Stock Exchange’s general index ended the day’s trading session 2.1 per cent lower.Greek banks have needed to be propped up with money from Greece’s bailout loans since 2010. On Monday, the government lifted restrictions on bank withdrawals that were imposed in 2015.On average, over four out of ten loans issued by Greece’s banks are soured.last_img read more

Myanmar UN envoy meets with prodemocracy leader

2 February 2009The Secretary-General’s Special Adviser on Myanmar continued his visit to the South-East Asian nation today, meeting with Government officials and opposition and other political parties, including with detained pro-democracy leader and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. Ibrahim Gambari arrived in Yangon over the weekend for a four-day visit, his fifth in the past year and a half, as part of the good offices mandate entrusted to the Secretary-General by the General Assembly.He held talks for more than an hour today jointly with Ms. Suu Kyi, who is the General Secretary of the National League for Democracy (NLD), and the Central Executive Committee of that party. He met separately with representatives of the Shan National League for Democracy (SNLD).Ms. Suu Kyi has been under house arrest for over four years, and has spent more than 11 years in detention since the NLD and its allies won the 1990 election with over 80 per cent of the parliamentary seats.Mr. Gambari also conferred with the Tripartite Core Group – comprising Myanmar, the UN and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) – on humanitarian, recovery and reconstruction efforts in the wake of last May’s devastating Cyclone Nargis, which claimed nearly 140,000 lives.On this visit, he has met with the so-called Government Spokesperson Authoritative Team composed of the Ministers of Information, Foreign Affairs, and Culture, as well as with the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Planning, Health and Agriculture. He also met with the Minister for Liaison with Ms. Suu Kyi.Last month, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon voiced his growing frustration that the UN’s long-standing efforts to promote national reconciliation and democratization in Myanmar have yet to achieve the desired results and urged the Government to release all political prisoners immediately and initiate “genuine dialogue” with the opposition. read more

Preparedness vital as confirmed cases of influenza AH1N1 increase – UN

2 May 2009The United Nations health agency today stressed the importance of preparedness for a possible global pandemic, as the number of laboratory confirmed cases of the influenza A(H1N1) infection topped 600 worldwide. “This is the time for us to prepare and be ready,” Dr. Michael Ryan, Director of Global Alert and Response for the World Health Organization (WHO), told a news conference in Geneva. Dr. Ryan noted that the agency”s pandemic alert remains at Phase 5 – on a six-level warning scale. This means that sustained human to human transmission had been confirmed, with widespread community outbreaks in at least two countries in one WHO region. “Pandemics are serious but it is important to note that Phase 6 describes geographic spread of the disease and not its severity,” he stated. “We do not know how severe or mild this pandemic might be.”According to the latest WHO update, 15 countries have reported 615 cases of influenza A(H1N1) infection, with 17 deaths. Mexico has reported a total of 397 confirmed cases, including 16 deaths. This includes 241 new laboratory confirmed cases and 7 new deaths since yesterday. “The increased figures from Mexico reflect primarily ongoing testing of previously collected samples and not a surge in people falling sick,” noted Dr. Ryan. He said that while WHO has seen case reports from Hong Kong and the Republic of Korea, indicating the geographic spread of the disease, there is “no evidence of sustained community spread outside North America.”The United States has reported 141 laboratory confirmed cases, including one death.In addition, laboratory confirmed cases with no deaths have been reported by Austria (1), Canada (34), China, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (1), Denmark (1), France (1), Germany (4), Israel (2), Netherlands (1), New Zealand (4), Republic of Korea (1), Spain (13), Switzerland (1) and the United Kingdom (13). Dr. Ryan said WHO continues to monitor the spread of the virus and expand its understanding of its behaviour and severity. At the same time, the agency is moving to a more operational stance to support countries in their readiness and response. It has begun to dispatch 2.4 million doses of antivirals to 72 countries, including Mexico, from stocks donated from Roche pharmaceutical company in 2005 and 2006. It will also supplement its regional stockpiles in the six WHO regions as a contingency for further supplies to countries. In addition, WHO Director-General Margaret Chan is continuing discussions with Roche and others on how to best meet future needs of developing countries for antivirals, noted Dr. Ryan. “Obviously the biggest thing we face now is the possibility of a pandemic,” said Dr. Ryan. “Good preparedness will help us mitigate its effects should we work together in a coordinated and collective fashion.”WHO has reiterated that there is no risk of infection from the virus from consumption of well-cooked pork and pork products. The agency also advised individuals to wash hands thoroughly with soap and water on a regular basis and to seek medical attention if they develop any symptoms of influenza-like illness. read more

Illegal abortion clinic raided

The police have raided an illegal abortion clinic in Welawa in north western Sri Lanka, the police media unit said today.According to the police the abortion clinic was being conducted in a house in the Panagamuwa area in Welawa. The police also arrested two other woman who were about to undergo an abortion. A suspect was taken into custody for operating the illegal abortion clinic, the police media unit said.Following the raid by the police, a woman who had undergone an abortion at the clinic at the time of the police raid was arrested.

Near record commercial vehicle market in June

Heavy vans and light trucks up 40.8 per cent. Total market up 1.2 per cent. 7.5 tonne trucks down 13.8 per cent. 15 tonne, two axle rigids down 10.1 per cent. Buses and coaches down 17.8 per cent. Artics down 11.7 per cent. 15 tonne, two axle rigids down 10.1 per cent. Heavy two axle rigid registrations dropped 10.1 per cent to 668 units in June, but the sector is still up 3.5 per cent on year to date registrations. Four-axle rigids rose 56.7 per cent or 115 units for June. Artics down 11.7 per cent. Artic registrations dropped in June with the total down by 11.7 per cent. The figures show that registrations of all artic types are down on last year, but still above the long-term average. Buses and coaches down 17.8 per cent. Easing decline in the bus and coach market saw registrations fall 17.8 per cent in June. But this compares with particularly strong growth in registrations of 21.6 per cent in June 2000. Structural changes in the bus market should see sales improve toward the year-end. Comment ‘June CV registrations are above last year’ figures and at near record levels. We’ve only seen registrations this high three times in the last 13 years, said SMMT chief executive Christopher Macgowan. ‘The trend of the past twelve months is still above the annual registration forecast and very encouraging.’ DownloadClick to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) CV registrations grew 1.2 per cent in June to give the third highest June in the last 13 years. Year to date registrations are up by 2.2 per cent over the same time last year. The market is doing better than expected and volumes should match last year’s strong performance, driven by the performance of medium vans, heavy vans and light trucks. Light vans, under 1.8 tonnes, down 6.7 per cent. Medium vans up 12.4 per cent. Light vans down 6.7 per cent. Registrations for vans under 1.8 tonnes fell by 6.7 per cent. This sector had shown solid growth so far this year but June’s drop brings the June year to date total to 41,092 units or 1.5 per cent up on the same six months last year. Medium vans, 2.6 to 3.5 tonnes, up 12.4 per cent. Registrations for 2.6 to 3.5 tonne vans were very good, up 12.4 per cent for June. Year to date registrations are also strong with 15.7 per cent growth compared to the same six months last year. 4×4 registrations grew 339 units or 60.6 per cent for the month, but year to date registrations are still 13 per cent lower than last year. Heavy vans and light trucks, 3.5 to 7.4 tonnes, up 40.8 per cent. Demand for 3.5 – 7.4 tonne trucks was good with registrations up by 40.8 per cent or 122 units. This sector is expected to grow steadily in the long term as the results of driver licence changes take gradual effect. 7.5 tonne trucks down 13.8 per cent. The biggest single sector in the UK truck market, 7.5 tonne trucks saw a 13.8 per cent drop in registrations in June to 1,232 units. This sector is also expected to very slowly decline following changes to truck driving licences in 1997. Near record commercial vehicle market in June read more

Dutch youngstar Angela Malestein I want to reach everything

–  Now we go for the gold. Last year we won bronze, third place. This year we have a second place and next year we want to go for the gold in Netherlands.What is the biggest success of your career?– The silver medal on the European Championship U19 this year…… You were the best right wing in that Championship.– Yes, that is also special. But I think it is more important thing to win gold or silver medal, to play like a team and that is the first thing that you have in your mind.In the end, what would be a “dream come true” for you in handball?– I have many dreams. I want to play in the Olympic Games. I want to win a World Championship. I want to play in Champions League. Also to play for a foreign clubs later. I want to reach everything.ALEKSANDRA DENICphoto: ← Previous Story SEHA derby: RK Zagreb with a point from Skopje Next Story → VELUX EHF FINAL4 stays in Cologne until 2014 Women’s Handball in Netherlands growing fast. At the last EHF EURO 2010, Dutch team finished in TOP 8, U 19 Team won silver medal at the ECh last summer and one of the biggest star of these generation is right wing, Angela Malestein (19), the member of “All Stars Team”. She talks for in Zajecar, where her MizuWaAi Dalfsen played  two games in the Cup Winners Cup – Round 3 (two defeats 22:30 – 24:27).Why did you start playing handball?– Because my friends are playing handball. First I trained gymnastics and I play very high and club was weak, so I quit with that. Then I go for handball. No one from my family ever played handball. Only my sister played, but she doesn’t play anymore.Do you have any player as a role model?– Not especially for technical things or something. I look at teams training, how they train, few players, but no one especially.Is there any especial club you would like to play for?– Of course, you have a tough clubs in the leagues of Europe, but first you have to play good in Holland and then to see what comes, and what is the best team for you. We will see.Once again you’re playing against Zajecar, but now with MizuWaAi Dalfsen. What is your comment about the first game of CWC?– We played very good in the first half, we played with our mind and had very good defense. In the second half we still had a good defense and we have a good goalkeeper, but we didn’t play with our mind, we didn’t play good and that was a problem. And in the second half refeeres were not too good.You’re for the 2nd time in this city. Did you have time to see the city?– No, no. We are a little bit far from the city (laugh). Hotel is in the mountain, so no, we didn’t have time.Currently, MizuWaAi is on the 1st position in the Eredivisie league. What do you expect from home league in this season? – In our league we have three teams to play in the playoffs: SEW, VOC and us. We have to be a champions in the league, but you never know. We have to play good in every match. And we have to learn from this matches in the Europe league and we will see. I think we have to be a champions with this team.You’re a part of the senior national team. What are expectations from World Championship in Brasil? – We have good and young group and I expect that we will be in the last eight. Than maybe we can qualificate for the Olympic Games. I hope and that is our main goal.You also play for the junior national team. And at the European Championship you won a silver medal… read more

Vote for EHF CL ALL STAR TEAM 20132014

← Previous Story ISRAELI PLAY-OFF FINAL: Maccabi beat Hapoel for 1:0 Next Story → BUNDESLIGA RACE WITH THE GOAL-ADVANTAGE: Lions on +23 in Eisenach! Following the huge success in the past season with more than 20,000 handball fans taking part in an online vote for the VELUX EHF Champions League All-star team 2012/13, fans have now the second opportunity to choose their new season all-stars.From a selection of 32 players, four in each position and also the season’s best defensive player, fans are being asked to choose their own All-star team.Players from 17 nations and from 14 clubs in the current season have been selected. Nine countries have a multiple representation with Denmark leading with six players. Both FC Barcelona and Rhein-Neckar Löwen have five players among nominees.The vote will be open until Wednesday 28 May 2014. The fans’ choice for the All-star team will be announced on the eve of the VELUX EHF FINAL4 in Cologne on Friday 30 May 2014.Players have been nominated on the basis of their comprehensive performance throughout the season so far; not just their goal-getting prowess, but also their performance in defence, the number of blocks, assists and reaction in crucial moments during each match.The players nominated for the 2013/14 season are:Goalkeepers:Niklas Landin (DEN) – Rhein-Neckar LöwenDarko Stanic (SRB) – HC MetalurgMattias Andersson (SWE) – SG Flensburg-HandewittDanijel Saric (BIH) – FC BarcelonaLeft wings:Timur Dibirov (RUS) – HC Vardar SkopjeUwe Gensheimer (GER) – Rhein-Neckar LöwenAnders Eggert (DEN) – SG Flensburg-HandewittGudjon Valur Sigurdsson (ISL) – THW KielLeft backs:Momir Ilic (SRB) – MKB-MVM VeszprémFilip Jicha (CZE) – THW KielMichal Jurecki (POL) – KS Vive Targi KielceNikola Karabatic (FRA) – FC BarcelonaCentre backs:Stas Skube (SLO) – RK Gorenje VelenjeMads Mensah Larsen (DEN) – Aalborg HaandboldPavel Atman (RUS) – HC MetalurgMikkel Hansen (DEN) – PSG HandballLine players:Renato Sulic (CRO) – MKB-MVM VeszprémJesper Noddesbo (DEN) – FC BarcelonaBjarte Myrhol (NOR) – Rhein-Neckar LöwenJulen Aguinagalde (ESP) – KS Vive Targi KielceRight backs:Renato Vugrinec (SLO) – HC MetalurgMarko Vujin (SRB) – THW KielKiril Lazarov (MKD) – FC BarcelonaAlexander Petersson (ISL) – Rhein-Neckar LöwenRight wings:Gasper Marguc (SLO) – RK Celje Pivovarna LaskoValentin Ghionea (ROU) – Orlen Wisla PlockLuc Abalo (FRA) – PSG HandballPatrick Groetzki (GER) – Rhein-Neckar LöwenBest defenders:Viran Morros (ESP) – FC BarcelonaIstván Timuzsin Schuch (HUN) – MKB-MVM VeszprémLars Jorgensen (DEN) – KIF Kolding KobenhavnJakov Gojun (CRO) – PSG HandballProfilesA complete list of player profiles can be found on the website.Online votingVoting is open immediately and will run until 28 May 2014. Fans can choose their VELUX EHF Champions League 2013/14 team online here. read more

Two men rescued from stricken yacht

first_imgThe request for help early this morning required our volunteer crew to leave their beds which they will always willing and selflessly do to help anyone in need. It is thanks to their dedication and commitment that we can launch the lifeboat at all times.The seven-strong lifeboat crew, who were under coxswain Eamonn O’Rourke, were on the scene at 4.25am. They assessed the situation and established a tow line to the stricken boat.Luckily, the weather at the time was good, with a force two to three wind, so the rescue was not hampered by bad weather. “Thankfully, the crew on the stricken yacht were not in any immediate danger and we were happy to tow the yacht safely back to shore,” said Maloney.The lifeboat then towed the vessel back to Rosslare Harbour RNLI, where it returned at 7.30am.Read: Five rescued in consecutive call-outs on Lough Derg over weekend> TWO MEN WERE rescued after they got into difficulty while in a yacht near Tuskar Rock this morning.The men had been on the way to Dun Laoghaire when they found themselves in difficulty. At 3.40am the RNLI received the request to launch the all-weather boat, which said that the 8m motor yacht was in trouble two miles north of Tuskar Rock.Dave Maloney, Rosslare Harbour RNLI Deputy Launching Authority said:last_img read more

Apple Over 15 billion apps downloaded in App Store

first_imgApple’s boasting some pretty big news today. The company has reached over 15 billion downloads from its App Store. In a statement, Apple said there are more than 200 million iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users worldwide that download apps from the 425,000 available in the App Store.The large number of apps is due in part to the introduction of the iPad and its 10,000 native iPad apps. Apple doesn’t go into detail about what categories are the most popular, but according to a recent 30-day study by Nielsen, gaming apps appear to be very popular for all mobile platforms. However, iOS users were found to spend 14.7 hours playing games within the past 30 days. Compare that to the average across all platforms of 7.8 hours. Android users spent about 9.3 hours playing games on their mobile devices.The App Store has been around for just about three years. Apple had reached the 10 billion download mark about six months ago, which means a quarter of its entire download history took place in just half a year. If the numbers continue to grow exponentially, Apple will be seeing some pretty high figures in the coming year.Apple recently tried to trademark the “App Store” name, as Amazon also uses the same name but without a space between the words. Apparently, Amazon’s “Appstore” was too close for comfort for Apple. The company filed a trademark lawsuit against Amazon two months ago. On Thursday, the U.S. District Court struck down Apple’s request, saying that other stores use the phrase “app store” to describe a space where they sell mobile software. The court compared it to the word “grocery store” for a store where you buy groceries. It would be ridiculous to trademark a general name like “grocery store” or “hardware store,” just as it’s ridiculous to trademark the phrase “app store.”via Apple, Engadgetlast_img read more

Kinect used to treat phantom limb syndrome

first_imgThe list of uses for Microsoft’s Kinect motion controller seems to be growing daily, as we can now add to the list a therapy for those suffering from phantom limb pain syndrome. Researcher Benjamin Blundell and his team have set out to use the motion sensors in the Kinect to help amputee’s overcome the effects of the syndrome by retraining their brain to think that the limb is still there. Phantom limb syndrome consists of a person feeling sensations from a limb they no longer possess. Many of these sensations are painful in nature, with patients reporting it feels like the missing limb is frozen in a distorted or painful position. Traditionally, along with medication, this is treated through the use of a Ramachandran mirror-box. The patient puts their remaining limb, such as a hand, into one side of the box, then puts the arm that had its hand removed into the other side. When looking into the box, it looks like both hands are still there and it allows the patient to “trick” their minds into thinking they can control the phantom limb. This allows them to open and close their good hand, which relieves the pain since their mind thinks the missing hand is opening and closing.Blundell and his group decided to try to bring a modern twist to the mirror-box idea by applying the same principles to a 3D environment using Kinect. In so doing, they can translate a patient’s movements to achieve the same relief using sensors attached to their good limb. The patient simply dons a 3D visor and external gyros, which are then translated into the “game” world. Just like the Ramachandran mirror-box, the software mirrors their good limb in place of a missing one which achieves the desired therapeutic effect. The system is currently in early testing and just a research project. However, it has been accepted as a paper for GRAPP 2012, the international conference on computer graphics theory and applications. Hopefully it goes down well there and encourages Blundell to turn it into a real application for Kinect owners.via Hackadaylast_img read more

Des jeunes enfants égoïstes Non juste des cerveaux immatures

first_imgDes jeunes enfants “égoïstes” ? Non, juste des cerveaux immaturesVotre enfant de 3 ans vous horripile par ses agissements égoïstes ? Sachez que vous n’y pouvez pas grand-chose : selon une étude allemande, leur égocentrisme qui n’est pas vraiment de l’égoïsme serait lié à l’immaturité de leur cerveau.Si certains comportements de nos petits enfants font clairement penser à des agissements foncièrement égoïstes tels que le refus de prêter ses jouets, sachez qu’il n’en est rien. D’après une étude menée par des chercheurs allemands et publiée dans la revue Neuron, leur cerveau ne serait tout simplement pas apte à ces considérations trop subtiles, car il serait encore immature.À lire aussiPourquoi certains s’évanouissent-ils à la vue du sang ?En pleine situation de jeux et de partage de récompenses, les comportements de 174 enfants âgés de 6 à 13 ans ont été attentivement scrutés. Même en sachant que l’absence de partage entrainerait une sanction, les enfants faisaient preuve d’une forte hostilité à céder leurs objets. “Le comportement stratégique, qui pousse les enfants à prendre en considération les autres, est intimement lié au développement de leur cerveau, particulièrement d’une zone à la maturité tardive”, précise Nikolaus Steinbeis du Max-Planck Institute for Cognitive and Brain Sciences de Leipzig, en Allemagne cité par l’Agence science-presse.Même si le sentiment d’injustice apparait tôt chez les enfants, ils mettent à contrario plus de temps pour réprimer leurs besoins de garder tout pour eux. Selon les chercheurs, cela s’expliquerait donc plus précisément par une immaturité du cortex frontal, la partie avant du cerveau responsable du contrôle de soi. Comme le montrent certaines recherches, cette zone cérébrale n’atteindrait pas sa maturité avant l’âge de 10 ans. Jusqu’à cet âge, les parents sont donc encouragés à revoir leurs attentes éducatives à la baisse…Le 27 mai 2012 à 10:56 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

HandsOn With the Samsung Galaxy S8

first_imgStay on target Android Q is Android 10 In Brand UpdateGoogle Pixel Phones Talk to 911 For You At Samsung’s bombastic (and Apple-style hyperbolic) Unpacked live show here in New York City, the company noted its recent hard times. After the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debacle, you can’t blame folks for not being as enthusiastic towards Samsung phones as they used to be. Plus, there are plenty of other cool upcoming Android phones worth looking forward to.But bruises aside, Samsung is still the king of the Android smartphone. Its next flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy S8, should remind everyone of that. After watching the phone’s full unveiling, and getting some hands-on time with the device, here’s everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S8.Date and PriceThe Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ go on sale April 21 starting at $750 and $850, respectively.FeaturesWhat you really want to know is what can the Galaxy S8 do besides call people, download apps, and run a customized Android 7.0 Nougat? A bunch of things. Many Galaxy S8 features were leaked months ago, and it turns out they were mostly right.Let’s start with some specs. The S8 will come in 5.8- and 6.2-inch models and the AMOLED screens will have a narrower aspect ratio. The non-removable (less likely to explode) batteries are 3000mAh and 3500mAh. There are 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, and MicroSD card support. The processor is a powerful yet efficient Qualcomm Snapdragon 835.Numbers are cool but what can a layperson expect from this thing? The front camera will be 8-megapixel with new selfie options, the rear camera will be 12-megapixel, and both will be pretty similar to previous models. There is a fingerprint scanner and an iris scanner for added security. The phone continues the trend of water resistance being a standard feature. There’s no physical Home button (the virtual one works just fine) but there is a USB-C port and a headphone jack. Thank Grodd. The phone even comes bundled with $99 Harman AKG headphones.Previous flagship Samsung phones came in standard versions and premium “Edge” versions with curved displays. However, the only version of the S8 will be the curved version with a nearly bezel-free, edge-to-edge screen. This “Infinity Display” (get it? the number 8 also looks like the infinity sign) is the device’s major selling point, and while it may not be the revolution Samsung claims it is, it does feel quite comfortable and rounded to use with one hand. Samsung showcased Iron Fist and Ghost in the Shell, but you can use the increased real estate to watch good entertainment, too.Those are some nice features, but what can the S8 do that’s really exciting? It will be compatible with improved Gear VR and Gear 360 accessories for consuming and creating even more accessible virtual reality content. Samsung showed off a new motion controller and everyone at today’s event walked away with a new 360 camera for broadcasting live VR videos. Taking a cue from some Windows phones, you can also use the S8 as a desktop computer powered by Android thanks to the nifty DeX accessory. Just bring your own monitor, keyboard, and mouse. It’s like a Nintendo Switch for productivity.Finally, the S8 will have a new Samsung voice assistant currently known as “Bixby.” How long until someone makes an Avengers of phone assistants? Along with being the best actor to play the Incredible Hulk, Bixby may be based on Viv Labs artificial intelligence. The company, a recent Samsung acquisition, employs former Siri creators.Bixby’s core feature, Bixby Vision augmented reality, allows to it to access apps, process payments alongside the incredibly versatile Samsung Pay, monitor health, work with security features like fingerprint and facial ID recognition, communicate with the Internet of Things, and make visual searches using cameras and sensors and contextual data on your phone. I had Bixby look at my iPhone and it showed me links for buying iPhone cases. However, Bixby won’t be fully functional when the S8 launches in April.In my opinion, the S8 isn’t a revolutionary piece of technology. It’s still just a phone. But it is a really nice phone. Just a few more weeks until everyone can get their hands on the S8 and can decide for themselves. For more on the Samsung Galaxy S8 check out our sister site read more

Allegri Ronaldo deserves the Ballon dOr

first_imgJuventus manager Massimiliano Allegri is adamant that Cristiano Ronaldo clearly deserves a record sixth Ballon d’Or this yearItalian news outlet Tuttosport claimed that neither Ronaldo or Lionel Messi are in the final 3-man shortlist for the 2018 award.Instead, the report stated that Kylian Mbappe, Raphael Varane and Luka Modric are the nominees.However, based on everything Ronaldo’s done, Allegri backed his star man for the award.“I don’t know anything about the Ballon d’Or nominations, but for all Cristiano Ronaldo has done he would deserve it,” Allegri told reporters on Twitter.Meanwhile, Paulo Dybala’s late return from international duty with Argentina means he may be benched for Juventus’ game with SPAL on Saturday.But Allegri remains pleased with the 25-year-old striker’s progress.“Dybala is doing well. He’s in great physical and mental shape and he can keep growing.” said Allegri.“Dybala plays his best when he is playing deeper. He is able to influence the game and finish chances created by his teammates.”Franck Ribery, FiorentinaFiorentina owner: “Ribery played better than Ronaldo!” Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Fiorentina owner Rocco Commisso was left gushing over Franck Ribery’s performance against Juventus, which he rates above that of even Cristiano Ronaldo’s.Croatian forward Mario Mandžukic will, therefore, likely partner Ronaldo up front this Saturday.“Mario Mandžukic and Cristiano have a good understanding, even when they play as a three with Dybala,” added Allegri.“The team expresses themselves well, there is more attention to detail and Cristiano has brought a lot of competitiveness into training.”French midfielder Blaise Matuidi will likely be unavailable after needing some extra time off to rest.The Serie A game between Juventus and SPAL will begin at 18:00 (CET) on Saturday at the Allianz Stadium.🎙 @OfficialAllegri “I don’t know anything about the Ballon d’Or nominations, but for all @Cristiano has done he would deserve it.”#JuveSPAL— JuventusFC (@juventusfcen) November 23, 2018last_img read more

Scripps Health deploys nurses to assist in Camp Fire aftermath

first_img KUSI Newsroom Categories: Local San Diego News, Wildfires FacebookTwitter KUSI Newsroom, Posted: November 15, 2018 Scripps Health deploys nurses to assist in Camp Fire aftermath SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Scripps Health Thursday announced that five nurses were sent to Northern California to provide medical care for victims and evacuees of the Camp Fire.The nurses are members of the Scripps Medical Response Team and will work at an evacuation center in Chico during their week-long deployment. The California Emergency Medical Services Authority requested that Scripps send medical responders and will oversee the nurses, swearing them in as state disaster service workers.Scripps Health medical responders have also been deployed to the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina, Haiti after the 2010 earthquake and Nepal after the 2015 earthquake.“Beyond the humanitarian reasons for responding to disasters in other areas, the experience gained is invaluable training for emergencies closer to home,” Scripps Health President and CEO Chris Van Gorder said.Van Gorder expects to join the team members in Chico next week. Scripps Health has more medical responders on stand-by who would deploy after Thanksgiving if the state requests them. November 15, 2018last_img read more

The Big Business of Franchise Issues

first_imgThe Inc. 5000Taking a franchise to the community, times ten. by Bill Mickey Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit IssueThe title’s iconic franchise functions as its own standalone T. J. Raphael Magazines have long introduced and cultivated the franchise issue—where an editorial theme takes over a standard month’s edition. And whether they exist within the normal publishing schedule or stand outside of it as an extra issue, the franchise edition can grow into a rallying point for a large segment of readers and advertisers. From these issues we’ve seen the outgrowth of standalone events and a range of digital spinoffs—multiplying a franchise issue’s reach and business opportunities. Here, we examine how two in particular have become major brands in their own right: Sport’s Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue and Inc. magazine’s Inc. 500, which has since ballooned into the Inc. 5000.In both cases, the franchise issues far surpass their regular issue counterparts in terms of reach and revenue. And both require year-round attention.last_img read more

Rae Sremmurd Enlist The Weeknd Future On New Album SR3MM

first_img Twitter Inside Rae Sremmurd’s Ambitious Triple Album rae-sremmurd-enlist-weeknd-future-new-album-sr3mm Email Rae Sremmurd Enlist The Weeknd, Future On New Album ‘SR3MM’ Facebook News The duo’s new triple album includes high-profile features plus solo efforts from both Slim Jxmmi and Swae LeeNate HertweckGRAMMYs May 3, 2018 – 8:59 am On May 4, Rae Sremmurd will drop their third album with a little something extra. The triple album, SR3MM, includes solo efforts JXMTRO by Slim Jxmmi and SWAECATION by Swae Lee as well as guest appearances across the three albums from the likes of The Weeknd, Future, Travis Scott, Juicy J, Young Thug, and Pharrell Williams. While several songs from the project have already been unleashed, including “CLOSE” featuring Scott, “Powerglide” with Juicy J, and “Chanel,” which comes from JXMTRO and features Williams and Lee, the news of The Weeknd, Future, and Young Thug gives fans a lot to look forward to tomorrow.The duo explained the differences between their solo albums to Rolling Stone, with Lee saying, “My side is crazy melodic,” and Jxmmi revealing he wasn’t as comfortable singing as his brother, so he “came out spraying” for his solo effort.Rae Sremmurd will hit the road later this year, opening the first 14 dates of GRAMMY winner Childish Gambino’s fall tour starting Sept. 6 in Atlanta. A full list of dates, including a handful of summer appearances is available at Rae Sremmurd’s website.Catching Up On Music News Powered By The Recording Academy Just Got Easier. Have A Google Home Device? “Talk To GRAMMYs”Read morelast_img read more

Medicaid Reform Bill Introduced In Alaska Senate

first_imgDownload AudioA Medicaid reform bill has been filed in the Alaska Senate. Many Republican legislators have said reform of the state’s low-income health care program must happen before they accept federal dollars to expand it.APRN’s Alexandra Gutierrez joins us to talk about what’s in the bill and what it means for the program’s future.Talk of a Medicaid reform bill coming out of the Senate picked up earlier this month. Today, Sen. Pete Kelly, a Fairbanks Republican, finally introduced it. What are his goals with the bill?An a meeting with reporters this afternoon, Kelly said his objective was to rein in waste that exists with the state’s Medicaid program. He sees unnecessary spending happening in four areas:KELLY: Travel, ER, prescription drugs, self-referral to more expensive specialists.The bill he introduced Friday addresses those areas generally. There’s a section on emergency services, setting up a program tracking frequent ER visits. There’s language that setting up a prescription monitoring program and requires guidelines for prescribing narcotics to Medicaid patients. There’s also a section directing the Department of Health and Social Services to look into the pros and cons of privatizing services at the Alaska Psychiatric Institute and the state’s pioneer homes for senior citizens.But it is not Kelly’s goal to expand Medicaid. He’s been firm about that, saying he does not want to add more people to a “broken system.” There is no language accepting $145 million in federal money to bring people near the poverty line into the program, and he’s not in favor of such language being added.Right now, the state’s Medicaid program mostly covers low-income children and pregnant women. With expansion, adults who make up to 138 percent of the poverty level could get government health care — that’s about $20,000 a year for a single person. What does this bill do for people who don’t receive Medicaid now, but would through expansion?This bill really does not apply to them. There’s a section that sets up a managed care pilot program of sorts, and it only applies to those already enrolled in the state’s Medicaid program. There’s also a section establishing a health savings account by taking 10 percent of a recipient’s Permanent Fund dividend that’s voluntary, but again, that only applies to people who are eligible for state Medicaid now.Now, as it goes through the committee process, there are changes that could be made that could affect them. The legislation is just seven pages, and it’s written in pretty broad strokes. Health care policy is complicated and wonky, and by comparison, the Affordable Care Act was more than 1,000 pages.You mentioned the creation of a Health Savings Account through people’s PFD. Tell us more about that.The idea is that if you’re eligible for Medicaid because you’re a child or a pregnant woman near the poverty line, a chunk of your PFD could be diverted for medical expenses. Traditionally, the big benefit of health savings accounts is that money can go into them tax-free. However, most people who are eligible for Medicaid don’t really have a big tax bill anyway.Kelly stressed that enrollment in the health savings account is voluntary — nobody in this category is going to see their PFD automatically used for their medical bills. But he also said he’s not yet sure how the health savings account is going to work.KELLY: I can’t tell you why people would choose it. We’ll figure that out. But we’re going to get it started.At any rate, he said there are other parts of the bill — like the push to a managed care system — that were more important for reform.KELLY: It’s very possible that this portion of this bill will not have a lot of teeth in it, will not have a lot of impact in the short term.There’s one other interesting — if kind of inside baseball — thing to note about the PFD section. Because of it, the beginning of the bill title is “An act relating to Permanent Fund Dividends.” Bill titles basically dictate what changes and additions you can make to a bill. So, a bill with phrasing that vague leaves an opening for other policies dealing with the Permanent Fund to be added in. Because that could be such a Pandora’s box, Kelly’s office says they’re planning to tighten that up.What’s the financial impact of this bill?It’s unclear. Kelly says there could be savings in the long term, but there would also be start-up costs to some of the programs established by this bill. The Legislature will have a better sense of the price tag after a fiscal note is drafted.So, what does this bill mean for Medicaid expansion, if anything?It’s hard to say. Kelly says he has been working with Gov. Bill Walker and his administration on Medicaid reform, and that things have been nothing but cordial between them. But Medicaid expansion has been such a priority for the Walker administration, that this bill isn’t guaranteed to get the governor’s support.While the bill does not currently expand Medicaid, legislators could add expansion language in, if they so choose, as the bill goes through the committee process. For passage, the bill will have to go through the Senate, and then go over to the House for review. It is expected to be referred to the House Health and Social Services Committee, which is chaired by Rep. Paul Seaton, a Homer Republican who has been open to the idea of Medicaid expansion. It would also likely go to the House Finance Committee, where there are also a few friendly members.But even if expansion language does get added to this bill, the legislation would still have to go back to the Senate for approval and potentially for a conference committee. Kelly is not optimistic about that going over well in his body.KELLY: If I were to look into a crystal ball, I would say that would die in the Senate.For their part, officials at the Department of Health and Social Services, who have been pushing for expansion, say they have not had time to review the bill.It’s Day 53 at the Capitol. We’re more than halfway done with the 90-day session. Can all this happen in time for adjournment?If it does, it would have to be on a tight schedule. It’s a pretty complicated subject to jump into so late in the game. But then again, and some people might throttle me for saying this: There’s always the option of a special session.last_img read more

Eight bills introduced in Parliament consumer protection human

first_imgNew Delhi: Eight Bills were introduced in the Lok Sabha on Monday including the Bill to regulate the use of DNA to establish the identity of victims and offenders, and a Bill that provides for the creation of a central authority to protect promote and enforce consumer rights. The bills introduced in the House were: DNA Technology (Use and Application) Regulation Bill, 2019, Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Amendment Bill, 2019, National Investigation Agency (Amendment) Bill, 2019, Protection of Human Rights (Amendment) Bill, 2019, Consumer Protection Bill, 2019, Public Premises (Eviction of Unauthorised Occupants) Amendment Bill, 2019, Jallianwala Bagh National Memorial (Amendment) Bill, 2019 and Central Universities (Amendment) Bill, 2019.last_img

Gold Steady above 1300 as Conflicts Spur Safehaven Bids

first_imgGold stabilised near $1,310 an ounce on Tuesday as escalating tensions over conflicts in Ukraine and the Gaza strip dented global risk appetite and burnished the metal’s safe-haven appeal.Spot gold was little changed at $1,311.70 an ounce by 0247 GMT. It had gained as much as 0.6 percent in intraday trading on Monday, but failed to hold the gains and closed flat.Asian stocks edged up in early trading on Tuesday, though the upside was capped by lingering concerns about the Ukraine crisis and violence in Gaza which pressured U.S. yields and the dollar.”Uncertainty in Eastern Europe and the Middle East should provide support for the metal,” Swiss precious metals trader MKS Group said in a note. “Immediate support (is) at $1,310 and a solid break through $1,325-26 (is) required for a continued move higher.”The United States, alarmed by escalating civilian bloodshed in an Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip, took a direct role in efforts to secure a ceasefire on Monday, as the Palestinian death toll jumped to more than 500.Despite growing calls for a halt to two weeks of fighting, violence raged on. Israel pounded the coastal strip, killing 28 members of a family in one strike, 11 people in an attack on a high-rise building and four in the shelling of a hospital, medics said.In Ukraine, tensions continued to run high even as the remains of some of the nearly 300 victims of the Malaysian Airline plane downed over Ukraine were making their way to the Netherlands on Tuesday.Western governments have threatened Russia with stiffer penalties for what they say is its backing of pro-Russian militia who, their evidence suggests, shot the plane down.Some traders said sluggish physical demand could keep in check any rally in gold or even result in some near term losses.Physical demand across Asia has been subdued in the last few months, as buyers take a pause after avid purchases earlier on due to a drop in prices.On the Shanghai Gold Exchange, local gold prices were on par with London rates on Tuesday, indicating muted buying interest in the top consumer of gold, China.Investors sold some positions in bullion after the metal snapped a six-week winning streak last week. SPDR Gold Trust, the world’s largest gold-backed exchange-traded fund, said its holdings fell 1.8 tonnes to 803.34 tonnes on Monday.Markets are also eyeing upcoming data from the United States to gauge the strength of the economy and its impact on the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy.last_img read more