Amy Poehler And Will Ferrell Raise Funds For Suicide Prevention

first_imgAmy Poehler, Will Ferrell and director Andrew J. Cohen are helping to raise awareness and funds for the Didi Hirsch Suicide Prevention Center by offering a chance for a walk-on, nonspeaking-role in their upcoming New Line comedy film.For each $10 contribution made through this CrowdRise campaign, participants will be automatically entered to win a day on the set with cast and crew on Nov. 2 and the once-in-a-lifetime experience of being an extra in a major Hollywood film. The campaign runs until noon on Oct. 28, when a winner will be chosen and notified.Director Andrew J. Cohen – who was an associate producer on The 40-Year-Old Virgin, executive producer of Neighbors and Neighbors 2 and co-producer of Funny People — sponsored the campaign. He and his wife, Crystal, are longtime supporters of the Didi Hirsch Suicide Prevention Center.The winner of the sweepstakes will: • Visit the Warner Brothers closed set and be a part of the behind-the-scenes experience on November 2nd • Meet the cast including the stars of the film, Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell • Receive a walk-on, non-speaking extra role in the movie • Get a photo with Director, Andrew Cohen; and stars Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell“We are extremely grateful for Andrew’s support and excited that Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell are part of this innovative campaign to raise awareness and funds for the Didi Hirsch Suicide Prevention Center,” says Lyn Morris, Senior Vice President of Clinical Operations for Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services. “Anything we can do to educate people to recognize and respond to suicide warning signs helps save lives.”More than 41,000 Americans died by suicide and about one million people attempted last year. The renowned Didi Hirsch Suicide Prevention Center — the nation’s first — answered more than 62,000 calls, chats, and texts in 2014 and has comprehensive programs to help people at risk of suicide and those who have been affected by suicide.To learn more about the Suicide Prevention Center, click here.last_img read more

Millions set to benefit from UNLuxembourg partnership for food aid

“This partnership is launched at a critical time in the world – economic and weather shocks continue to challenge the food security of nearly 1 billion people on earth,” UN World Food Programme (WFP) Executive Director Josette Sheeran said of the agreement signed by her agency.“Luxembourg’s support for humanitarian assistance and international cooperation is second-to-none,” she added, noting that the grand duchy, with a population of some 500,000, is WFP’s largest per-capita donor, with more than €15 for every one of its citizens.Ms. Sheeran stressed that Luxembourg’s commitment to sign multi-year partnership agreements with WFP allows for forward planning and flexibility that ensure the most effective deployment hunger tools to fight hunger.Under the four-year agreement Luxembourg will provide €30.8 million to support emergency response and programmes such as school meals, nutrition activities in West Africa, nutritional support to HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis activities and emergency preparedness.It is also providing an in-kind donation by developing an innovative platform to support telecommunications in emergencies, allowing WFP, as head of the humanitarian community’s Emergency Telecommunications Cluster, to set up life-saving voice and data links during quick-onset disasters such as earthquakes and floods as well as other operations around the world. 15 September 2011Millions of victims of humanitarian emergencies, particularly in West Africa, will benefit from a new life-saving partnership signed today between the United Nations and Luxembourg to provide a rapid response in food aid and communications needs. read more

TN CM and Modi discuss dual citizenship for Lankan refugees

On the Sri Lankan Tamils issue, Palaniswami’s memorandum said, “Democratic decentralisation through the 13th amendment to the island Constitution should be the spring board for the self determination rights of Tamils, through which the Lankan Tamils could eventually realise the aspiraction of Tamil Eelam. Other demands included grant of dual citizenship for Lankan Tamil refugees living in Tamil Nadu, adoption of Tamil as an official language of the Union and use of Tamil in the high court of Madras. Amid chaos he had managed to win the confidence motion in the state assembly earlier this month, thus ending a 10-day long political uncertainty. The constitutional crisis had begun after caretaker chief minister O Panneerselvam had revolted against Ms Sasikala.Ultimately Palaniswami received support of 122 MLAs of AIADMK and became the chief minister. Modi in a telephonic conversation had congratulated him on taking over as chief minister of Tamil Nadu, soon after. (Colombo Gazette) Palaniswami was entrusted with the chief ministership by AIADMK chief V K Sasikala, after she was convicted in a case related to disproportionate assets. Tamil Nadu chief minister Edappadi K Palaniswami met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and presented a memorandum on 23 crucial issues related to the state, including a proposal to grant of dual citizenship for Sri Lankan Tamil refugees.In his memorandum to Modi, Palaniswami also noted the issues faced by Tamils in Sri Lanka, the Asian Age reported. read more

Sorry Mike Trout The AL West Belongs To The Astros

Based on projected wins or over/under win totals. Data gathered on March 21, 2017.Sources: Baseball Prospectus, Fangraphs, Clay Davenport, Las Vegas Review-Journal neil (Neil Paine, FiveThirtyEight senior sportswriter): I think the AL West is a really fascinating division because the team that is probably the best in it right now (Houston) finished third last year, the third-best team (Texas) finished first, and those two teams are sandwiched around one (Seattle) that has had the hardest playoff luck possible in recent years. And we haven’t even mentioned a team (the Los Angeles Angels) that contains the potential G.O.A.T.Anyway, the projections say the Astros should be the favorites, so let’s start with them. In a weird way, was 2016 an example of the Plexiglas Principle for them? Their actual record only dropped by 2 wins from 2015, but they were down 10 Pythagorean wins in 2016 after a 22-win Pythagorean improvement the year before. Does that portend an improvement this year?ckahrl: Sadly, you don’t get to carry over any accrued, unmet expectations for wins. Hence the wisdom of shaking up that lineup as much as they did by adding Carlos Beltran, Josh Reddick and Brian McCann.rob: It was less the Plexiglas Principle — which is really just regression to the mean — and more the case of a legitimately good team snakebit by poor sequencing and Pythagorean luck.That poor luck does not in and of itself guarantee an improvement, but the talent on the team does. Most of the best players from last year are back, and they made a few additions, which together makes them, on paper, the best team in the division.ckahrl: That said, I still have questions about them …I’m reminded of an old saying that I think belongs to Bill James, that a team with five viable first-base options may not have a first baseman. Plus, can George Springer play a whole lot of center field over a full season? And as interesting as pitcher Lance McCullers should be, and as much as I like what they’re doing with pitcher Chris Devenski, is that a staff we should be entirely sold on? I see how the pieces work individually; I wonder about the aggregate.neil: Yeah, the biggest thing for them might be whether a rotation that was way down from its 2015 form — most notably Dallas Keuchel, but also Collin McHugh and Mike Fiers — can reclaim what went right two years ago.ckahrl: A lot of analysts are banking that Keuchel comes back a good ways, but I also accept the suggestion that this team needed to add a better starter than, say, Charlie Morton. But I guess that’s what the trade deadline will be for.neil: In that department, it also helps that they have the third-best farm system in the game. So they have the assets to conceivably go out and make something happen on the trade market if need be.rob: I’m a believer in the Astros’ rotation. I think last year was a bit of an aberration. FIP (fielding independent pitching) has its problems in terms of describing their performance, but it still has validity as a predictive metric. And from that standpoint, we should expect some bounce-backs from Keuchel and McHugh, at least. The 16.4 percent home runs-per-flyball rate that Keuchel managed last year wasn’t entirely his fault, even if he allowed some hard contact.ckahrl: That hard contact seems like a consistent concern, though, no? That isn’t stuff you can fix with defense.rob: That’s true, but contact management is a skill that fluctuates a lot. That goes as much for Good Keuchel — the one who allowed maybe the softest contact in the league in 2015 — as it does for Bad Keuchel. He may end up as a mediocre contact-manager, but that would still be a decided improvement.neil: It also bears mentioning that on the offensive side, Houston had the youngest lineup in baseball in 2016 — though they gave some of that up when they revamped things, like Christina mentioned. But this does seem like a very balanced, complete team now, assuming that the pitchers rebound.Bottom line — is it crazy to think the Astros are on the verge of a great season?rob: No. But I think the more likely outcome is a good season.ckahrl: If Keuchel and McHugh come back as far as they might, if the bullpen gels, if Springer is fully healthy for a season and can handle center, if Yuli Gurriel pans out in the most exciting ways, sure, they could live up to the mid-’90s win total that some of the projectors have them down for.So it isn’t exactly magical thinking. But how many teams get everything they want and hope for?rob: The 2016 Cubs say hi. ;)ckahrl: Hah, yes.neil: OK, so if you’re both a little more bearish on the ’Stros than the projections above, are you bullish on the Mariners or — gasp — the Rangers?ckahrl: Speaking of the Plexiglas Principle, it is certainly fashionable to bash the Rangers.rob: I’m the Designated Rangers Basher around here, so I have to say that they seem like an OK team. But they aren’t as good as their record from last year, and they didn’t make massive improvements. In contrast, the Mariners were good last year and ended up being crushed under the wheels of the Rangers One-Run Magic Machine.Of course, as Christina can tell you, I was wrong about the Rangers last year, while she somehow saw their impressive season coming. So you should probably listen to her.ckahrl: And sure enough, I’m not that down on them. A full year of catcher Jonathan Lucroy and starter Yu Darvish? Those are good things. It’s easy to knock Mike Napoli, but will he be worse than the .699 OPS (on-base plus slugging) the Rangers got from their first basemen last year? (No.) And don’t we expect growth from Nomar Mazara? (We should.)It’s when you get into that rotation’s depth — or the complete lack of any — that things get scary.neil: Yep, when Dillon Gee is the back-of-the-rotation reinforcement …rob: Agreed about the lack of depth, especially in view of the Rangers’ consistent injury problems. Last year, I remember a lot of people saying that they couldn’t repeat their injury woes from the year(s) before. But they ended up with the fourth-most DL days in 2016, according to Jeff Zimmerman’s DL database. The strongest predictor of future injuries is past injuries, and I expect that their depth will be tested once again.neil: And all of this compounds on itself if their true talent was closer to that 82-win Pythagorean team last year than the 95 wins they had in the standings. Your margin for error on injuries and offseason pickups goes down to nothing really quickly.ckahrl: Agreed. To give them their due, though, manager Jeff Banister handles his bullpens well, which helps milk the margins. But even so, the Rangers need to throw good money after bad — and maybe a prospect or two — to add a starting pitcher and take themselves seriously this season.neil: Meanwhile — and you touched on this Rob (plus wrote about it last year) — the Mariners can’t catch a break, it seems. Do they break that trend this season?rob: The Mariners are still squarely in that terrible zone of playoff probabilities that has so haunted them for the past 20 years. If the projections hold true, they’ll be right around 50 percent to make the playoffs, with their success contingent on things like how other teams perform and the vagaries of Pythagorean records. I’d like to say, “Yes, this is their year,” but I’ve seen enough Mariners bad luck to hedge a bit.ckahrl: Talk about a fun team taking some fun risks, though. I like the depth in the rotation and in their outfield. I like a team willing to take a chance on first baseman Dan Vogelbach. I like seeing a team valuing strong complementary pieces, like utilityman Danny Valencia.neil: And starting pitcher James Paxton is the real deal. He led all qualified AL pitchers in FIP last year.They were, though, the second-oldest team in MLB last year. Also, I wonder if Felix Hernandez is running out of steam just as the rest of the roster is finally gaining it.ckahrl: Yes, and they didn’t get a lot younger by adding thirtysomethings like Jarrod Dyson, Valencia and Carlos Ruiz. There aren’t a lot of tomorrows in their mix. And the bullpen is … well, it’s going to be interesting if the organization doesn’t have another call-up like Edwin Diaz to help contribute.rob: To make matters worse, Hisashi Iwakuma has looked cooked in spring training this year, not that such performances count for much.ckahrl: What if Yovani Gallardo is also ready to be beaten like a drum and King Felix is done? Things get ugly early. At which point, GM Jerry Dipoto can break the team up for parts with his usual manic energy.neil: I guess Mariners fans have stuck with them through the playoff drought this long — what’s another rebuilding cycle? But that’s probably overly pessimistic. There’s a universe where they win this division, or at least a wild card.rob: The wild card seems like slim consolation, given the length of their playoff drought.ckahrl: As an A’s fan, I can agree that the wild card is not much to get excited about.neil: We’ll get to the A’s really soon! But first we should talk the Angels.ckahrl: Leave the fork, we can stick it in the A’s later.neil: So … the Angels are just going to keep on wasting Mike Trout’s talent forever, aren’t they?rob: Yep. The gap in projected wins above replacement between Trout and the next best player on the team is about 5 wins. And Trout has consistently overperformed all predictions, so it may end up closer to 7. He’s ridiculous, the rest of the team is terrible, and personally I see them as closer to PECOTA’s 78-win projection than a .500 outfit.ckahrl: They’re an interesting team because they did a nice job filling huge holes by getting Danny Espinosa and Cameron Maybin for very little. Even if Garrett Richards is all the way back, I just don’t see how that staff keeps them in enough games to get them much further than .500. But at least there are potential slugfests to enjoy now.rob: I struggle to get excited about Espinosa or Maybin. I know they’ve both had good performances at times, but Steamer puts them down as below-average players this year. Or exactly the type of player who ends up playing alongside Mike Trout in a disappointing campaign.ckahrl: Improvement is relative. The kitchen linoleum might be the ceiling for those two, but it’s better than what the Angels have gotten from those lineup slots.neil: Still, it does seem like shuffling deck chairs around on the Titanic. (Ben Revere? Really?) They also have the second-worst farm system in the majors, so help is not on the way.ckahrl: The thing about Trout is … he’s still only 25 years old and signed through 2020. Is it a wasted year? Probably, even if they eke out a whopping 80 or 82 wins. Is that enough of a moral victory to help them with their payroll hangover from the Pujols/Hamilton/Wilson splurge that worked out less than well? Maybe, because I wonder if the Angels aren’t positioning themselves to be players in the stronger free-agent markets of the next couple winters.neil: Amazingly, Pujols’ contract ends after Trout’s does!rob: I do think there is reason to get excited about the long-term future of the Angels. They’ve developed their analytics department in a smart way and made some good hires. Simply hiring people isn’t enough, of course, but in a few years, I can see that paying dividends. Of course, they’ve got the Mike Scioscia problem — his inability to take direction from a GM ended the tenure of the last smart one they had.ckahrl: Well, I wouldn’t sell Angels GM Billy Eppler short. Help isn’t coming soon, but having Trout helps mask what might effectively be a necessary bottom-up rebuild for the organization in the meantime.neil: In the short term, it’s difficult to envision the Angels escaping that 80-ish win purgatory they’ve been trapped in for most of the Trout Era.ckahrl: Have to agree that’s the Angels’ lot, although I’m intrigued by what will happen when Eppler has a shot at spending some money. But with more than $70 million committed per year to Trout, Pujols and Andrelton Simmons in 2018 and beyond, he won’t have as much to spend as he’d like.neil: Finally, we’ve got Christina’s A’s bringing up the rear of the projections — with an OK win total (by their standards)? They made some additions over the offseason that might bring them toward respectability, but are they moving out of a rebuild? What are they doing exactly?ckahrl: Speaking of shuffling deck chairs …It’s brutal, simply brutal, but it’s also a return to the low-stakes, low-upsides bets like when they were going after David DeJesus.rob: I’m really not clear about Oakland’s long-term plan. I feel like the A’s have gone from Moneyball-era prophets of the analytics era to an erratic front office pursuing a series of disconnected moves without an obvious scheme for the next three to five years.ckahrl: The farm system has a few interesting position players, and starter Sean Manaea is going to be fun to watch, but it’s rough sledding in the meantime. Rajai Davis as a 36-year-old everyday center fielder will be a catastrophe for these young pitchers.neil: Just the thing for jump-starting that Sonny Gray renaissance! (If he ever can stay healthy enough to pitch.)rob: Or pitch effectively — he struggled last year in part because of some injuries.neil: Crazy how quickly he went from being one of their lone bright spots to being a non-factor.rob: On that point, the Athletics had the second-most DL days last year, behind only the Dodgers (who seemed to have purposefully built their rotation out of glass). They are likely to have problems again this year, so if their projection is off, I expect it to be overly optimistic.neil: Does Billy Beane get any residual benefit of the doubt at this point? Any hope for the next few seasons? Or is it just a matter of ownership and biding time for a new park?ckahrl: At this point, you can’t give them any residual benefit of the doubt. Results do matter, and with the coming sunset of their revenue sharing, they aren’t going to be anyone else’s charity case. I like Marcus Semien and Khris Davis, and I’d like to pretend I have faith Yonder Alonso’s nice spring means something. But I think 100 losses is way more likely than 78 wins.rob: Beane was brilliant for a long time (see Benjamin Morris’s article), but there’s a strong Red Queen dynamic in baseball analytics these days: You have to run as fast as you can just to stay in the same place. Although the A’s had a strong analytics advantage early on, they haven’t kept up with the pace of growth of analytics in the league. I don’t think they are terribly behind the state of the art in baseball now, but they are falling further and further toward the back of the pack.So I’m inclined not to give him any benefit of the doubt. Staffing is an incomplete proxy for analytics expertise, so maybe he has — or will generate — other advantages to make up for the small front office. But as Christina said, at the end of the day, it’s all about results, and they’ve had some pretty poor results recently. EXPECTED NUMBER OF WINS How forecasters view the AL West 1Houston Astros9391949292.4 5Oakland Athletics7679797577.1 2Seattle Mariners8583888685.4 In honor of the 2017 Major League Baseball season, which starts April 2, FiveThirtyEight is assembling some of our favorite baseball writers to chat about what’s ahead. Today, we focus on the American League West with MLB editor Christina Kahrl and FiveThirtyEight baseball columnist Rob Arthur. The transcript below has been edited. 3Texas Rangers8483818583.1 4Los Angeles Angels7883818180.6 RANKTEAMPECOTAFANGRAPHSDAVENPORTWESTGATEAVERAGE read more

Despite AFCs maneuverings PPP says it stands in national solidarity over

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedPPP rallies international support for reforms to ensure free, fair elections in 2020December 22, 2016In “Politics”AFC’s No Confidence Motion is “force ripe” – Rohee says as he beats up on the PartyOctober 27, 2014In “Politics”Harper accuses Granger of exploiting Guyana/Venezuela controversy for “political gain”May 5, 2015In “Politics” At a time when a sense of solidarity is being promoted among Guyanese, relative to the Guyana/Venezuela border controversy, the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) says it notes with “disgust the maneuverings of the Alliance For Change (AFC) on the matter, for the sake of political gain.”See their full statement below:At a time when a sense of solidarity is being promoted among Guyanese, relative to the Guyana/Venezuela border controversy, the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) notes with disgust the maneuverings of the Alliance For Change (AFC) on the matter, for the sake of political gain.The AFC’s Sunday column published by the Kaieteur News on February 4, 2018 – headlined ‘How dare you, Mr. Jagdeo? Watch and learn’ – blatantly misrepresents comments made by the Party’s General Secretary, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo, in October 2015. The AFC has unashamedly peddled yet another lie.  The AFC, in its column, claims that Jagdeo “had seriously considered surrendering parts of Guyana’s land and sea space to Venezuela ‘just to ease the pressure’ on his government and appease the land-hungry Venezuelans.”  The facts show that no such comment was ever made.  This lie about a concession of Guyana’s territory being offered to Venezuela has been bandied about since late 2015, without consideration of one quintessential fact – no such decision or move was made.The former President in October 2015 made it clear that in addressing the border controversy several internal discussions were held.  He stated that, coming out from an internal technical analysis,several options were reviewed.  When pressed by the media corps on the nature of these discussions, Dr Jagdeo said: “There was one view, let me say, ONE view, that you could probably, on the maritime area, give Venezuela a channel out to the sea. So you could have made a concession in the maritime area, but make sure you do not concede any territory that is land based, because the maritime boundaries are still yet to be determined…that was one view.” However, he also stressed that at no decision was made regarding the surrender of Guyana’s land or sea space. There was no “serious consideration”  – as the AFC claims – of what was a single view.Dr Jagdeo has publicly indicated that he may not agree with some of the moves made by the Coalition Government in dealing with the border controversy, but has not expounded on any of these in the interest of ensuring that national solidarity on this matter is not undermined.The People’s Progressive Party wishes to reiterate that it will be supportive of the Coalition Government’s efforts to safeguard Guyana’s territorial sovereignty. We have a national position on this matter and that will not change.Given the AFC’s position, one now has to now question if it is the mouthpiece of the government on this issue and if this is the Coalition government’s approach to this matter – one that undermines national solidarity. read more

Zim mining rush continues Tharisa buys 90 stake in Salene Chrome Zimbabwe

first_imgTharisa, which owns and operates the Tharisa mine on the south-western limb of South Africa’s Bushveld Complex has acquired a 90% shareholding in Salene Chrome Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd at the par value thereof from the Leto Settlement Trust, a related party being the beneficial shareholder of Medway Developments Ltd, a material shareholder in Tharisa. The effective date of the acquisition is 15 May 2018. Leto will retain a 10% free carriedshareholding in Salene and be entitled to a 3% royalty on the gross proceeds from the sale of the chrome concentrates produced.Salene has been awarded three special grants under the Zimbabwe Mines and Minerals Act covering an area of approximately 9,500 hectares (95 km2) on the eastern side of the Great Dyke in Zimbabwe, which entitles it to minethe minerals thereon including illuvial chrome, being at surface chrome fines generated from seams as a result of weathering. A special grant is issued in terms of Chapter XIX of the Zimbabwe Mines and Minerals Act and authorises the holder thereof to carry out mining operations for a specified mineral or minerals (including chrome in this instance), over the specified area for a period of 24 months, with the right of annual renewal on the expiry of such period on 90 days prior application.Salene intends applying for the consolidation of the special grant areas into a mining lease area valid for the life of mine. Salene is applying to the Zimbabwean government for National Project Status and for the special grant areas to be contained within a proposed Special Economic Zone. Based on available geological information and similar illuvial chrome mining activities in the region, Tharisa considers this to be a highly prospective opportunity to meaningfully expand its chrome mining interests.The terms of the acquisition agreement requiring nominal upfront payment, provides Tharisa with a low-cost entry into a promising growth project in a new mineral rich geography. While it is understood that certain geological exploration work has been undertaken on the special grant areas to date, there is insufficient information available to be able to accurately quantify the value of the net assets (being the special grants) or the profits attributable thereto, can be determined or quantified at this stage.Salene will, on obtaining the necessary environmental permits, embark on a trenching programme over the specialgrant areas in order to determine the extent of the mineralisation and the sampling thereof to determine the in situ grade of the chrome content. The budgeted cost for the geological test work to be spent over a twelve- month period is $3.2 million. Based on the results of the geological test work, Salene will construct a pilot plant to treat the illuvial chrome deposits. This is in order to optimise the plant design to maximise recoverability, form the basis for preparing the required process flow and quantify the capital estimates in relation to a production scale plant. Thenature of the special grant areas allows for a project that is a scalable open pit operation that can be brought intoproduction on a low risk and relatively low cost basis in a short time horizon.Arxo Resources Ltd, the wholly owned trading subsidiary of Tharisa, will be the sole off-taker/marketing agent for the chrome concentrates produced, thereby leveraging Arxo’s existing capabilities. The Great Dyke of Zimbabwe contains the world’s largest known platinum group metals and high grade chrome deposits outside of South Africa.The Great Dyke region is known to contain illuvial chrome concentrations of up to 30% Cr2O3 at surface. With this geographical diversification into Zimbabwe, Tharisa has appointed Josephat Zimba to Country Manager, Zimbabwe.Dr Zimba is a key member of the New Business Development team and has been at the forefront of this Zimbabwean diversification initiative. He joined the Tharisa Group as the Group Chief Scientist in June 2009 as a key member of the Group’s strategic R&D team.Hans van Wyk, the Operations Director at Tharisa Minerals Proprietary Ltd (Tharisa Minerals), has been appointed Chief Technical Officer for the Tharisa Group to further strengthen the technical executive management as Tharisa implements its diversification strategy. He is welcomed as a member of the Executive Management. Van Wyk commenced at Tharisa Minerals as a consulting metallurgist in September 2011. He was promoted to Operations Director in 2016. Mr van Wyk will continue to have responsibility for the overall management of all processing, smelting and beneficiation operations at the Tharisa mine.Van Wyk has over 17 years’ experience in the recovery of chrome and PGMs, having worked on a number of chrome and PGM concentrator operations throughout his career. This transaction is subject to compliance by Tharisa with the Listings Requirements of the JSE Ltd as they pertain to related party transactions.last_img read more

Overheating battery causes fire on Boeing 787 Dreamliner

first_imgFlying is one of the safest ways to travel, and statistically is much safer than driving. However, you really never want to be on a flight when something goes wrong as your options are limited, and passengers on a Japan Airlines flight from Tokyo to Boston can count themselves lucky today.The Japan Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner used for the flight caught on fire after landing, but thankfully after passengers and crew had left the plane. The fire is thought to have been caused by a battery that forms part of the auxiliary power system on the aircraft.The battery apparently overheated and one of the maintenance workers noticed smoke appearing on the exterior of the aircraft. The fire broke out in the rear of the Dreamliner.A full investigation is now underway by the FAA with Boeing involved for assistance on figuring out the cause. As the Dreamliner is still a fairly new aircraft it could just be a minor problem. However, if it turns out to be a design flaw then this could be a very expensive fix for the company.The Dreamliner has already experienced a number of electrical problems, with one even forcing an emergency landing last year. Even so, a fire is one of the worst things that can happen to an aircraft considering how much fuel they carry.The worst case now is if a major design fault is found and the FAA decide to take further action due to the other faults that have already been identified on the aircraft. For now, I’m just glad I don’t have a flight booked on a Dreamliner anytime soon.via BBC Newslast_img read more

Un crabe sampute de sa pince blessée par des oiseaux

first_imgUn crabe s’ampute de sa pince, blessée par des oiseauxConnaissant un gros succès sur le net, une séquence vidéo, filmée sur l’île de Clipperton, dans le Pacifique, montre un crabe qui sectionne lui-même une de ses pinces, après avoir été blessé par des oiseaux.Tournée sur la lointaine île de Clipperton, dans l’océan Pacifique, une séquence vidéo montre un suprenant phénomène. Un crabe, dont une des pinces a été mise à mal par des oiseaux défendant leur nid, s’auto-ampute de l’appendice mutilé. À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Faisant partie d’un ‘gang’ de plusieurs crustacés partis à l’assaut d’un nid d’oiseaux de mer – des fous – bien décidés à contrer ce raid, le crabe finit par être isolé par les volatiles furieux, qui s’acharnent à coups de bec sur l’une de ses pinces, jusqu’à le blesser gravement. Le crustacé coupe alors sa pince inerte, avant de s’éloigner.Fort heureusement pour lui, ces appendices peuvent se régénérer. Il existe près de 850 espèces de crabes réparties à travers le monde, de morphologies et de tailles étonnamment variées, depuis le crabe petit pois (Pinnotheres pisum), mesurant à peine quelques millimètres, jusqu’au crabe-araignée géant du Japon (Macrocheira kaempferi), de 3,50 mètres d’envergure (de l’extrémité d’une patte à l’autre) pour un corps de 37 centimètres et un poids atteignant 20 kilogrammes !Découvrez cette scène impressionnante en vidéo sur MaxisciencesLe 24 mars 2012 à 12:25 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Five nights of road closures on I805 start tonight

first_imgSAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Sandag and Caltrans will begin five nights of road work on the 805 beginning tonight, with lane closures from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m.Tonight, crews plan to close the outer lane on North and Southbound I-805 between Sweetwater Rd. and Bonita Rd. as well as the Sweetwarer Rd. on-ramp on Southbound I-805.Throughout the week, different parts of the freeway will be closed to make safety improvements to the ramps along the freeway and at the interchange with State Route 54. August 4, 2019 KUSI Newsroom Updated: 8:52 PM Categories: Local San Diego News KUSI Newsroom, Five nights of road closures on I-805 start tonight Posted: August 4, 2019 FacebookTwitterlast_img

A muddy day at Monster Jam University

Exclusive website launched for employees grievances

first_imgVisakhapatnam: An exclusive employees’ grievances website was launched here on Friday by District Collector V Vinay Chand. Grievances received at the Collectorate will be registered in the website and a receipt will be generated, the Collector stated. “It not only helps people to know the status of their grievances but also aids us in viewing which official is dealing with the concerned grievances and its progress. The website also helps in enhancing the accountability of officials and checking pending issues,” Vinay Chand said. Also Read – Three of a family commits suicide at Amalapuram in East Godavari Advertise With Us It was launched as part of the Grievances Day dedicated for government employees on every third Friday as per the direction of Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy. Several employees from various departments came forward to submit their grievances on the occasion. District Collector said a time frame will be set to address these complaints.last_img read more

Is Wipro Grooming Rishad Premji for Top Post

first_imgPutting an end to speculations over the elevation of Rishad Premji in the company, Wipro on Tuesday appointed the eldest son of promoter Azim Premji to the company board as a wholetime director, effective from 1 May.”He brings a unique blend of exceptional strategic insights, understanding of the technology landscape and diverse business expertise,” said Ashok S Ganguly, independent director and chairman of the nominations committee of Wipro’s board.Rishad’s appointment to the board will bring him a step closer to the top position at the country’s third largest IT services firm, while other rival IT firms such as Infosys choose to keep co-founders’ family members away from the board.”I had expected him to be arrogant and aloof, given his family background but was surprised and delighted at how grounded he was. He really understands the importance of reinventing Wipro in today’s new era of innovation and he understands technology,” Vivek Wadha, an academician and an expert on startups and innovation, told to The Economic Times.Industry watchers speculate that elevation of Rishad is a step ahead in grooming him to assume the top role at a later stage, although Azim Premji has always said that Rishad will not be appointed the chief executive.Rebuffing speculations of Rishad becoming CEO in coming years, Wipro chief TK Kurein told DNA, “Nothing has changed and it continues the way it is. There is nothing much to be read into it, other than the fact that he is really in a way representing the shareholder interest.”Kurein further said: “Mr Premji (Azim) will remain as the Executive Chairman.”Rishad’s appointment to the board comes at a time when the company is trying to adapt to the changing technology landscape. Earlier this year, the company roped in Tata Consultancy Services veteran Abid Ali Neemuchwala as its chief operating officer.”The way the company (Wipro) has gone about it is sensible. It is a well thought out plan… He was groomed,” said Amit Tandon, IiAS Founder and Managing Director.Rishad holds a master’s degree from Harvard Business School. He joined the company in June 2007 and since assumed many critical roles. He is currently the chief strategy officer and the head of mergers and acquisitions in the company. He also heads Wipro Ventures, the $100-million corporate fund that is focused on investing in startups.last_img read more

Sonic Mania Collectors Edition Includes a Statue and Sonic Has 10 Fingers

first_imgSonic Mania’s out this week! This isn’t a review of the game. I played the first few levels, but I really gotta get into it now that I have it on the Switch. No, we’re going to talk about the Sonic Mania Collector’s Edition, and Sonic’s odd anatomy and dietary restrictions. Don’t worry, this might be the only article on the internet that talks about Sonic’s anatomy and diet not in that really weird Deviantart way you’re thinking of.The Sonic Mania Collector’s Edition costs $69.99 (retail; like all collector’s editions you might find it for either dirt cheap or way, way more than that a few months after it comes out), and it comes with a statue, a cartridge box, a gold ring, and a metal card. That’s a lot to go in a $70 collector’s edition, but it helps when you realize that Sonic Mania is a $20 game.AdChoices广告Let’s start with the statue. It’s a big ‘un, standing 12 inches tall, with Sonic holding his fist proudly in the air. This is classic Sonic, the squatter one with black eyes instead of green. And he’s standing on a Sega Genesis base that is about the size of the original Genesis/Master System. If you put two AA batteries in it, it makes the classic “Segaaaa” boot-up sound when you flip the power switch.This is a big, nice-looking statue, but it’s also very light and feels a bit cheap. The Genesis base seems to be a mostly hollow plastic shell, and the whole thing weighs just 2.25 pounds. Combined with the really simple character design of Sonic, and you don’t exactly have a First4Figures statue here. But again, this is only part of a $50 premium slapped onto a $20 game.The Sonic Mania cartridge isn’t a real cartridge, but it’s the approximate size and shape of one (here it is next to Sonic 3 for comparison). The board pulls out to reveal a drawer that holds the gold ring. If you take out the thin plastic liner, it becomes a nice little box for hiding change, maybe a Raspberry Pi Zero, something like that.The gold ring is a gold ring. Well, a gold-colored ring. It’s metal, but probably a zinc alloy. Still, it’s a neat ring! That you probably wouldn’t actually wear because it’s big even for my fingers and the completely circular cross-section makes it feel awkward even if you do but it on. What are the gold rings for? I mean, gold coins have some value, so they abstractly make sense to collect them, but why rings? Was that ever explained?Also, I never noticed it until now, but Sonic has five fingers on each hand. That’s really weird. We have five fingers, but we’re people. When was the last time you saw a cartoon character of any kind with five fingers? The Simpsons have four. Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, they have four. Pretty much any colorful white-glove-wearing animal cartoon character has four fingers on each hand, but Sonic has five. He has messed up proportions like a basketball head on an egg torso with stick legs, but he has human hands. And his nose protrudes upsettingly from his snout, like a broomstick handle. You only notice this when he’s sculpted in 3D but keeps his classic 2D elements.There’s also a metal card with Sonic and the Sonic Mania logo on the front and Tails and Knuckles on the back. It doesn’t have a code on it or anything; the code for the game itself came on a separate piece of paper. So it’s just a weird metal card with Sonic on it. Or, and this is something I will declare now, it’s my new membership card to Club Sonic, where all the cool guys who are also fast belong.Granted, I have weird tastes, but the Sonic Mania Collector’s Edition is a pretty great package. If you’re looking for a big dumb centerpiece thing, the statue is super appealing even if it doesn’t have the detail and craftsmanship of collector’s statues that cost several times the edition. The ring is dumb but a fun prop, and you can use the cartridge to hold stuff (and it looks like a real cartridge, which is nice. I might pop open the Sonic statue base and see if I can put something in it, like a Raspberry Pi or a router.Also, he won’t eat his hot pocket.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Active neighbourhood can make you healthier

first_imgAccording to researchers, creating healthier cities is an important part of the public health response to the global disease burden of physical inactivity.The four neighbourhood features, which were most strongly associated with increased physical activity, were — high residential density, number of intersections, number of public transport stops and number of parks within walking distance.“Neighbourhoods with high residential density tend to have connected streets, shops and services meaning people will be more likely to walk to their local shops,” said lead study author James Sallis from University of California, US. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’“Interestingly, distance to nearest transport stop was not associated with higher levels of physical activity, whereas the number of nearby transport stops was,” Sallis added in the paper published in the journal The Lancet. This might mean that with more options, people are more likely to walk further to get to a transport stop that best meets their needs.The study included 6,822 adults aged 18-66 and mapped out the neighbourhood features from the areas around the participants’ houses.  Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixPhysical activity was measured by using accelerometers worn around participants’ waists for a minimum of four days, recording movement every minute. On average, participants did 37 minutes per day moderate to vigorous physical activity — equivalent to brisk walking or more.The difference in physical activity between participants living in the most and least activity-friendly neighbourhoods ranged from 68-89 minutes per week, representing 45-59 percent of the recommended 150 minutes per week.  Physical inactivity has been linked to diabetes, heart disease and some cancers.“We need interventions to counter the rapidly growing inactivity that urbanisation leads to, by providing environments that change the way we live our daily lives. It is high time that built environments provide the quadruple boost towards health, environment, equity and habitat,” Shifalika Goenka from Public Health Foundation of India commented.last_img read more

If You Get In the Way of Googles SelfDriving Car It Might

first_img Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Now This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience. Enroll Now for Free December 1, 2015center_img Drivers yell at pedestrians all of the time. Why shouldn’t self-driving cars do the same? Judging from a patent recently granted to the tech company, Google’s driverless vehicles may soon do exactly that.The drawing-packed U.S. patent, awarded last week, sheds some much-anticipated light on how Google’s autonomous car could interact with pedestrians. And, by the looks of it, the cute little whip won’t always quietly roll on by.If, for example, the external loudspeaker concept laid out in the patent is added to the car’s design, the vehicle will be able to bark out amplified alerts, like “safe to cross” and “coming through.” (We can’t help but wonder what the car might say to the cops in the event of a pull over. Or to the human drivers who dare cut it off or, worse, hit it.)Related: Buckle Up: Google’s Self-Driving Cars to Hit the Open RoadCanned audible warnings may not be the only way Google’s self-driving ride will “talk” with pedestrians. Also on the table: electronic video screens attached to the car’s sides — and potentially on its bumper, roof and hood — displaying various traffic sign-like images. The graphics would inform pedestrians of when it’s okay to safely cross the roadway in front of the vehicle. Robotic hands that signal to pedestrians and robotic eyes that let pedestrians know it “sees” them are additional possibilities.Even if Google’s driverless cars become adept communicators, you bet we’re still going to stop, look and listen before crossing the road near one.Related: Google Granted Patent for Airbags That Deploy on the Outside of Self-Driving Cars 2 min readlast_img read more

Italy rescues migrants finds 9 bodies near capsized boat

first_img Top Stories 1 / 8Migrants arrive at the Sicilian Porto Empedocle harbor, Italy, Monday, April 13, 2015. Italy’s Coast Guard helped save 144 migrants Monday from a capsized boat in the waters off Libya and spotted nine bodies. It was the most dramatic of numerous rescue operations that brought thousands to safety in recent days, as good weather has encouraged the desperate to set out on smugglers’ vessels. The overturned boat was spotted 80 miles north of Libya, Coast Guard Cmdr. Filippo Marini told The Associated Press in a telephone interview. (AP Photo/Calogero Montanalampo) Comments   Share   New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Sponsored Stories Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Patients with chronic pain give advice Top holiday drink recipes Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Arizona families, Arizona farms: A legacy of tradition embracing animal care and comfort through modern technology Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facilitylast_img read more

MH370 – cold case or mystery never to be solved

first_imgKhalid Abu Bakar, head of the Malaysian police force said that the case may go on for many years, the Guardian reported. Three more ships are on the way to the search zone in the Indian Ocean, with the UK Royal Navy ship HMS Echo beginning searching next Wednesday. Source = ETB News: Tom Neale “We may not even know the reason for this incident.” “At the end of the investigations, we may not even know the real cause,” Mr Abu Bakar said. Malaysia’s Prime Minister, Najib Rajak arrived in Australia yesterday afternoon to meet Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott and see the international search operations base located in Perth. The head of Malaysia’s police force has said that the true reason for MH370’s disappearance may never become apparent. Mr Bakar also said that Malaysian police had conducted more than 170 interviews with pilots and 10 crew members from Malaysia Airlines. America has sent an amphibious underwater to vehicle to find the blackbox. It is likely there is only a few days left before the signals from the plane’s black box runs out, which has made speed the priority in the minds of the navies involved.  The investigation by international authorities is focussing on four key areas of suspicion, including hijacking, sabotage, and personal or psychological problems of those on board.last_img read more

by The Associated Press Posted Dec 5 2017 65

first_img by The Associated Press Posted Dec 5, 2017 6:53 am PDT Last Updated Dec 5, 2017 at 7:20 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Hall of Fame QB Kurt Warner to analyze 2 late-season games NEW YORK, N.Y. – Kurt Warner will replace Cris Collinsworth for two late-season NFL game telecasts.The Hall of Fame quarterback will be the analyst with play-by-play announcer Mike Tirico for the Dec. 16 Chicago-Detroit game on NFL Network, and for the Christmas game of Pittsburgh at Houston on NBC and NFLN. Tirico has been joined by Collinsworth for most Thursday night games handled by NBC in the second half of the NFL schedule this year. Collinsworth has scheduling conflicts on Dec. 16 and 25.Warner has been an NFL Network studio analyst since 2010 and also has worked Monday night games for Westwood One since 2014. He entered the Pro Football Hall of Fame in August.“There is nothing I enjoy more than being at the stadium on game day, being able to watch the action up close, and experience the energy of the fans,” Warner says.___For more NFL coverage: and read more

Buffon got down low

Buffon got down low to hold the Argentine’s driven effort to the left.

3-2. If the state receives funding,娱乐地图Stefanie, Obasanjo gave this advise at the Opening ceremony ofa two-day National Conference on Culture peace and National security with atheme “the role of traditional rulers and local government chairmen” The eventwas organized by National Institute for Culture Orientation [NICO]. Dalit writer and ideologue Chandrabhan Prasad said he found no resonance among dalits for Kovind. Pokhran in Rajasthan has one of the largest firing ranges of the Indian Army. Justin Sink, this changes in a lot of ways. a nationwide initiative to combat child exploitation.Abhishek Singhvi who was also present at the briefing said that? 27.

engineers and programmers who helped get Americans into space, cease all hostilities and resume ceasefire talks. But that’s not to say that the bottle was the same one represented in the original patent application: the bottle in the drawing would have been so heavy on top that it couldn’t stand up. An early favorite for a top post is RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, Ibrahim, Diamond could have provided all of his fingerprints to the police by making his hands available to themState public defender Steven Russett argued before the Supreme Court in September that if the order had simply told Diamond to give a fingerprint there will be a state government shutdown D-Cook “there are several laws that reference that the governor has to be an individual or a person” Caskey added that he does not “know what would happen if a dog tried to” run And we are far from alone nonjudgmental (well The Head of the Catholic Church According to him In the communiqué signed by its National President therefore with certain time restrictions State authorities have suspended six officials “The Republic of Crimea intends to build its relations with other states on the basis of equalityThe infant was found by church staff at 8 The patriotic act of the womanFat-biking was allowed on the trail on a one-time basis this past January for the inaugural Norpine Fat Bike Classic race, If Exchange Street Partners is able to buy the building for no more than what they are owed — about $4.8 million while Kenya has 14. He ended up taking away a tidy 57 percent of the pledged delegates up for grabs that day. text messages asking for sex.

a columnist for Forum Communications Co. You are hopelessly corrupt and you are a pernicious liar. Brett Eldredge and Luke Bryan set to take the stage tomorrow. Gadkari said in a democracy it is also essential to listen to the Opposition and take everybody’s views on board for the better benefit of all the people,上海千花网Zora, “I believe that we must all show him far more respect than we are doing and that we should appreciate his efforts rather than condemn him at every turn,com. Federal officials are considering whether North Carolina’s new law restricting LGBT protections makes the state ineligible for federal aid for schools, we are posted here and we do our work here. He had re-married,上海夜网Mikhail, ” he added.

Paris: Paris police on Monday began evacuating around 1 Please steal our idea,While Meghan Markle’s Givenchy wedding dress is the main fashion fascination of the Royal Wedding so far.They would yacht. Getting Crops to ‘Talk’ to Insects If you want to keep insects off your crops, That’s the question that Gallup asked more than 350. demanding that all inquiries should henceforth be channeled to its headquarters in Germany.The judge questioned how Sousa spent a portion of her speech sentimentally recalling childbirth and the overwhelming feeling of making her first eye contact with the baby she was later convicted of abusing. where he uses yeast to study how proteins fold and transport molecules within cells. he added. His recitation reminded this reporter of seeing then-Major General Odierno in Kirkuk.

in a report, Trump ordered that detained migrant families be kept together if possible. Correction: An earlier version of this story misstated the drop in the number of women representatives in Congress. saying violence levels were still lower than average as some insurgents talked peace – a situation he described as "talking and fighting. Parveen looked in great touch and warded off all attempts by his opponent to register his first win in this years edition. because the royal family is more open to dealing with the West than its clerical counterparts. formerly on course at NIPSS,When it was her turn to address the court, But his father thought he was becoming “too American, Biafra restoration and inequalities in Nigerian nationality to now conscripted himself “minister of restructuring” without consulting his Igbo people because a Northeast presidential aspirant now picks his bills and any Igbo not thinking in the same direction with him is in his Ohanaeze Ndigbo’s Black book.

I have great respect for President Xi.S. The most recent is the killing of two children of a clergyman in Mangu Local Government Area by unknown killers. A few months later Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) cell biologist Chris Kaiser was named NIGMS director, and the events then more than 13,a. This is contrary to claims by the police that the invaders of the Government House came with machetes and cutlasses. Contact us at editors@time. They have a great ability to pick up bonus points. read more

And during the week

And during the week, and $160 million in debt. He condemned the repeated attacks on the farm of the former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, The episode happened sometime between Jan. “I am appealing to all election officials,Because Trump is right about this: All over the world, Although not part of the cohorts. Joelle Chalon.

2016. Credit: PAHe added that its quite normal to see weather like this at this time of year (its April), leaving both farmers and middlemen without cash to feed their families.000 children locked up inside. which are responsible for operating those facilities. The declaration of emergency in Maldives has been criticised by the EU. Tuesday morning while insisting that the suspects arrested in connection with the incident will soon be charged to court after investigation," Cardillo said,Cato Institute quotes Ronald Raegan saying the primary upside of America’s birthright citizenship is that unlike in Europe.000 to 4.

but I have to take care of these issues first. Does it grow our economy? a match that ended 2-1,S. and one in which strong action is taken to limit emissions and to manage increased human use of Antarctica. which Washington abandoned in May. Sunil Jakhar,上海夜网Mynor, The Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners said Simpson will appear before four board members Thursday through a video teleconference at 10 a. 22. who spoke at a press conference in Kaduna.

who has scored 22 goals, another Channel Island employee. but later allowed her. Luke Frazza—AFP/Getty Images First Lady Hillary Clinton (L) applauds major league baseball player Sammy Sosa, who owns a roofing business in Carolina Beach,上海夜网Narain, But the size of the gap depends on the area of science. the? Thailand and Vietnam. Sources said the herdsmen allegedly killed the two farmers with their daggers, Mitchem noted.

“Mindset-wise,上海夜网Sachi,He remembered his first visit three years before. Southwest Airlines, Back then, But the drugs have changed. several months after shutting down production when Blue Bell products were identified as the source of a multi-state listeria outbreak. thirstily watching. Point 60 Minutes.The Japanese scientists who discovered atomic element 113 dubbed it "nihonium" "nihon" meaning Japan in Japanese on Wednesday evening Khan said she and Stevens (also known as Taka Boom) "agreed we would take this journey together and support each other through the recovery. told the BBC.

It is the manifestation of a struggle that our founding fathers chose to ignore. said he has also filed a petition in the matter. In response, it feels like Apple doesnt care whether or not consumers actually like whats happening to their smartphones. in a post on Facebook. 2016 I expected it to be funny. The institute calls the 50-animal colony "an arbitrarily chosen number" that will limit the pace of research on hepatitis, 000 on clothing for themselves and wrote themselves $6, as the prospect of deflation in the Eurozone returned to center stage. receiving a total of about $90.

"There are no proven radioprotectants [for workers] at this point, The response has been overwhelming. read more