Canadas Most Beautiful 2017 See who made the list

first_img LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Advertisement Facebook Twitter Login/Register With: Advertisement They’re actors, recording stars, TV personalities, athletes and models – and these 50 Canadians have one thing in common: a spot on Hello! Canada‘s 50 Most Beautiful Canadians list for 2017!We’re happy to celebrate them at a time when their star is rising (think newly minted Juno winner Ruth B.) or burning more brightly than ever (hello, Ryan Gosling!). They’re all photogenic, to be sure, but they exemplify what it means to be beautiful on the inside, too, thanks to their creative pursuits, charitable efforts and obliging nature with fans. For all those reasons and more, superstar Celine Dion kicks off our list.last_img

Metis and nonstatus Indians are Indians court rules

first_imgAPTN National NewsMetis and non-status Indians are in fact “Indians” under the Constitution Act a federal court ruled Tuesday.Which means they are the responsibility of the government.It took years to get to this point, but the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples is calling the ruling a victory.But at the same time national chief of CAP Betty Ann Lavellee said it should not have taken this long.“The federal government has spent 14 years blocking, trying to have the case thrown out,” said Lavellee. “That’s money that actually could have been put towards addressing some of the key issues.”The ruling means Metis can negotiate treaties and issues such as education, health and tax exemptions.“The evidence concerning non-status Indians establishes that such persons were considered within the broad class of ‘Indians,’” said Justice Michael Phelan in his decision. “The situation regarding Metis was more complex.”However, the court didn’t order the government to begin negotiations. So when, and if, that happens remains in question.“Given the declaration of right in respect of s 91(24), one would expect that the federal government would act in accordance with whatever duty arises in respect of any specific matter touching on the non-clarified fiduciary relationship,” he said.There are over 600,000 Metis and non-status Indians in Canada. In 1999, CAP and several other Metis and non-status Indian groups took the federal government to court for discriminating by refusing to give them status under the Constitution Act.They asked the court to rule it didn’t have jurisdiction to hear the case, however the Phelan ruled the argument before the court was valid.“It is no answer for the defendants to say that a case such as this cannot be brought because there is no federal legislation against which to assert an action,” he said. “There is no such legislation because the federal government denies jurisdiction over Metis and non-status Indians.”The legal battle looked at over 800 exhibits, extracted from 15,000 federal documents, beginning from first contact.“The canvas over which the parties have painted the answer encompasses Canadian history virtually from the time of Champlain in Passamaquoddy Bay in 1603 to the present day,” he said.As well, millions of public funds were spent.The court heard the decision over whether to grant Metis status was a “political football” being passed around. The provinces said it was the federal government’s responsibility but the feds also fought that.Minister John Duncan’s office simply said that the decision is under review.“We are reviewing the court’s decision to determine the next steps,” said a spokesperson, adding as the Federal Court stated, this decision is not about “the interpretation or application of particular rights either under the Constitution or under specific agreements, nor is it about Aboriginal rights.”The decision could cost the federal government billions of dollars if future courts side with Metis and non-status Indians.last_img read more

UN health agency hails US signature of global antitobacco accord

On Monday the US became the 109th country to sign the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control – the first-ever under the auspices of a United Nations agency. WHO said the signing showed Washington’s commitment to maintaining standards of public health. The agency added that it was the first step in the process, and hoped that the next one would be the ratification of the treaty.The treaty will take effect once 40 governments have ratified it; so far 12 have, and the European Parliament has recommended ratification. It requires ratifying nations to implement a comprehensive ban on tobacco advertising, sponsorship and promotion, set new labelling – including larger, more noticeable health warnings on cigarettes – and clean indoor air controls and strengthen legislation to clamp down on tobacco smuggling. It also requires Member States to prohibit tobacco product sales to minors. read more

The CFLs last renegade talks about anger McDonalds and his quest for

EDMONTON — If the Ottawa Redblacks win the Grey Cup on Sunday and they make a movie about it, linebacker Kyries Hebert already has a title picked out.It comes from an article he saw this summer.“‘The Last Renegade,’” he said with a smile Friday. “I looked at that and that’s pretty cool. That would be a great title for a movie.”   It’s fitting for Hebert, the last remaining Ottawa Renegade in the CFL after that team folded in 2006.The players were dispersed to other teams and Hebert moved on to Winnipeg, then Cincinnati, then Hamilton, then Montreal.Now back in Ottawa, he credits city for saving his football career.After a standout stint as a defensive back with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Ragin’ Cajuns, Hebert tried out for the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings in 2002, but was cut.He caught on with the Houston Texans for the remainder of that season, but was injured and released.“I was unemployed in 2003 coming off an injury … and didn’t know when my next football snap was going to be,” he recalled.“It was the Ottawa Renegades that gave me an opportunity to get back on the football field and here we are however many teen years later and have an opportunity to have our names etched on history.”For Hebert, the Renegade label fits beyond the jersey he once wore.Nicknamed the “Angry Bird,” he is a feared hitter, always playing the game right on the line and occasionally over it.He was suspended twice this season for hits deemed reckless by the league.And, over the years, he’s saved some of his most vicious shots for Calgary, the team he will face on Sunday.One of his suspensions this season was for a hit on Stampeders receiver DaVaris Daniels in Week 3, and in 2014, while playing with Montreal, he was ejected for levelling Stamps star running back Jon Cornish with a brutal flying clothesline.The shot hit Cornish under the jaw and drove the running back’s head into the turf. He was left with a serious concussion and there is still bad blood between the two.After the hit on Daniels, Cornish took to Twitter and called on the Redblacks to cut Hebert for his dirty play.“I’ve never looked at Calgary and been like: ‘that’s a team I hate,’” Hebert said Friday. “Like I hate Hamilton. I really hate ’em like a bad taste in my mouth, but I never really felt that way about Calgary.“Except for Cornish — I don’t like him.”Despite his nickname, Hebert doesn’t see himself as an angry player.“I think that the word angry … it’s kind of misplaced,” he said. “I think it is more intense than angry. I’m not really mad but I am 100 per cent. I don’t want my intensity level to ever be matched.”At 38, Hebert has stayed on the field longer than most players. He credits not over-training during the season: “giving it my all at practice and then getting home and getting off my feet.”And he’s managed a long career despite his love for fast food.“I do love my McDonald’s,” he said, joking earlier in the week that he would be a good pitch man for the restaurant. Two double cheese burgers, an ice cream cone and a coffee, double-double, are his vice.Redblacks coach Rick Campbell sees Hebert as a role model for younger players.“A guy … who has been around the block and is getting up there in age as far as the football world goes — that he still has that love and that passion for it, it’s infectious,” Campbell said.Hebert is happy to still be playing and on Sunday he will chase one of the things that has eluded him his long career — a Grey Cup.“This is the most important thing in my life right now — winning this game,” he said.“It’s how life and this game goes. You never know where it is going to take you. The only thing you can do is prepare yourself for your next opportunity and I’ve stayed ready and here we are today with the biggest opportunity of all.”Tim Cook, The Canadian Press read more

Uber executive leaves after claims he failed to disclose sex harassment allegation

first_img 12,408 Views 7 Comments Amit Singhal Uber executive leaves after claims he failed to disclose sex harassment allegation The exec has denied he is guilty of any such behaviour. Share Tweet Email By Associated Press A TOP ENGINEERING executive at Uber,  Amit Singhal, has left the firm just five weeks after his hire was announced.According to a report in the tech blog Recode, Singhal failed to disclose that he’d left his previous job at Google because of a sexual harassment allegation.Singhal denied the allegation and said he left Google a year ago for his own reasons.The dustup is just the latest sign of turmoil at Uber , which last week found itself in an unrelated sexual harassment firestorm . That stemmed from a detailed essay published by a former female Uber engineer, who charged that her prospects at the company evaporated after she complained about sexual advances from her boss.In the post about her year at Uber , Susan Fowler said the company’s human resources department ignored her complaints because her boss was a high performer.CEO Travis Kalanick has called for an independent investigation of those issues, and the company has hired former Attorney General Eric Holder to help.HarassmentIn a statement emailed to The Associated Press, Singhal said: “Harassment is unacceptable in any setting. I certainly want everyone to know that I do not condone and have not committed such behaviour.In my 20-year career, I’ve never been accused of anything like this before and the decision to leave Google was my own.According to Recode, Singhal left Google after executives there informed him of a harassment allegation lodged by an employee, one an internal investigation had found “credible.” Citing unnamed sources at Uber, Recode said the company did “extensive background checks of Singhal “but did not uncover” any hint of the circumstances of his departure from Google.”Representatives for Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Uber declined to comment beyond confirming that Singhal is no longer with the company.Read: “Clyde threw Bonnie under the bus”: Jimmy Kimmel’s take on his very strange Oscars >Read: Brutally killed: El Salvador in shock as Gustavito the hippo stabbed to death > center_img Tuesday 28 Feb 2017, 9:53 AM Feb 28th 2017, 9:53 AM Short URL Image: Jeff Chiu Amit Singhal Image: Jeff Chiu Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Santorini starring in rap video as a gangsters paradise

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Santorini. The name alone evokes images of typical ‘Greekness’ – white houses, washed in bright light, perched on steep cliffs, overlooking beaches made out of dark volcanic soil and surrounded by crystal blue waters. For millions of tourists, this is the place to have the utmost Greek experience, tasting the country’s finest wine and admiring the most photographed sunsets in the land.For rapper Rick Ross, this is also the place to retire to and reap the fruits of a life of drug and women trafficking. At least, that is the premise of his song, ‘Santorini, Greece’, featuring on his latest album, ‘Rather You Than Me’, which was met with enthusiasm,  debuting at number three on the US Billboard 200 charts and gaining critical acclaim within the r’n’b and hip-hop circles.“Rather You Than Me secures Rick Ross’ slot within the list Top 5 of rap soloists to emerge from the South over the last 20 years, and is among his more cohesive bodies of work to date,” wrote XXL Magazine, while the album’s entry on the website reads: “Ross’ mixtures of outrageous fantasy and sobering reality, side-splitting humor, and piercing vengeance, are intermittently as potent as ever.”This probably explains lyrics such as “So sellin’ dope was the path we chose/ And now it’s boats and the Belaire Rose/ Rich niggas in the set and stone/ Neck rocky, Sylvester Stallone/ See me in Capri or them Andes/ Santorini, Greece with a dime piece/ My money long, you know I’m out your reach.”If this is the rapper at his most cohesive, one can only wonder what he would say when he’s delirious. The song, which features samples from Sydney-based pianist Judy Bailey’s 1976 electric jazz opus ‘Colours of my Dreams’, thus becoming a serendipitous link between Greece and Australia, is an exercise in misogyny and glorification of criminal life, with Ross – hailed by MTV as “#1 hottest MC in the game” in 2012 – boasting about the way he can dominate women: “And if I want her back, I come and take her back/ Santorini Greece, I put it on the map.”Santorini is not that impressed. Even less so, the Holy Metropolis of Thira, Amorgos and Islands, which was surprised to find out that the song’s videoclip – featuring breathtaking views of the island, interspersed by footage of local people interacting with the rapper – was partly shot inside church of St Efstratios in Vourvoulos. A devout Christian, known for his habit of praying before hitting the stage to perform, Rick Ross is not seen using curse words in the video’s church scenes, however he sings and dances in front of the Holy Temple, rapping: “You niggas don’t believe in God/ From this very moment, you should believe in God.”It is yet unknown how many of the seven million people who have viewed the video on YouTube so far, have converted to Christianity – or got tickets to Santorini, for that matter.Here is the video in question:last_img read more

Avengers Endgame Will Be Marvels Longest Superhero Film

first_img Watch: Marvel and Square Enix’s ‘Avengers’ Gameplay Still Creeps Us OutWhat to Expect From the Marvel Cinematic Universe at SDCC 2019 Get your popcorn ready: Avengers: Endgame will have a run time of approximately three hours, making it Marvel’s longest superhero movie to date.Marvel and Disney haven’t disclosed the official length of the film yet, which will debut in theaters on April 26, The Hollywood Reporter noted. On Tuesday, Fandango suggested that the movie was three hours and two minutes, prompting fans on Twitter to ask for more details. However, by Wednesday morning, the company removed the statement from its social media accounts.<span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span><em><strong>More on</strong></em>&nbsp;</p><p>Even though three hours and two minutes wasn’t confirmed as the official run time, sources told The Hollywood Reporter that it’s close. It’s likely that Marvel and Disney will give up one showing per day due to the movie’s three-hour mark. Box office analysts told The Hollywood Reporter that they might make up for this by showing Avengers: Endgame in many auditoriums within each theater complex.Avengers: Endgame will most likely be longer than Marvel’s recent superhero flicks: Avengers: Infinity War, which premiered on April 27, 2018, ran for two hours and 29 minutes, while Avengers: Age of Ultron, had a run time of two hours and 21 minutes.Catch the remaining superheroes who survived the snap in Avengers: Endgame next month.More on’s ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Posters Reveal Surviving and Fallen SuperheroesMarvel’s New ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Trailer Reunites Remaining SuperheroesMovieBob’s 11 Best ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Theories Stay on targetlast_img read more

1 dead in boat collision near Camas Slough bridge

first_imgTwo boats collided near the Camas Slough bridge Sunday evening, killing a woman and injuring two other boaters.Ambulances and fire boats were called to the state Highway 14 bridge shortly before 7:40 p.m.The Camas-Washougal Fire Department said arriving crews found two motorized boats had collided underneath the bridge.One boater, a woman in her 20s, was killed. A second victim was hospitalized with critical injuries, according to the fire department. A third boater suffered what crews said appeared to be relatively minor injuries, the department said.Firefighters had to set up a rope system to help pull up the victims, and struggled in muddy conditions, according to emergency radio traffic monitored at The Columbian.Crews from the Vancouver Fire Department, Portland Fire Bureau, Gresham, Ore., Fire Department, Clark County Sheriff’s Office and Port of Portland responded to help.last_img read more

Five engines two trucks battle fire at Escondido granite business

Blazers top Timberwolves

first_imgMINNEAPOLIS — Getting ready to play his fourth road game in five nights, Nicolas Batum said he felt sluggish during warmups Saturday night at Minnesota.“I was like, ‘Let’s play this game and get out of here,’ ” he said. “I was tired.”It was the Timberwolves, though, who looked and played how Batum felt.Batum and Wesley Matthews each made five 3s and scored 26 points to lead the Portland Trail Blazers over the injury-depleted Timberwolves 102-97.“I got tired I think when I got 31 here a couple years ago,” Batum said, recalling a 31-point performance at Minnesota in 2010 — he had five 3s in that game as well. “I was tired,” he said.Imagine if he had actually felt energized.The Blazers tied a franchise record with 16 3-pointers and withstood a fourth-quarter rally by the Timberwolves to win for the 10th time in 13 games and finish their four-game road trip with a 3-1 record.“If you shoot the 3 that well, you should probably win by more than five,” Portland coach Terry Stotts said.Nikola Pekovic led the Wolves with 21 points but left the game in the third quarter because of a left hip strain. Only hours earlier, Minnesota learned it lost star forward Kevin Love to a broken right hand for the second time this season when an MRI confirmed the injury.The banged-up Timberwolves — who dressed only 10 players — also played without point guard Ricky Rubio, who sat out with back spasms. Afterward, coach Rick Adelman bemoaned his team’s flat play in the first three quarters before suddenly coming to life in the end.“The league doesn’t stop for you, there’s nobody coming over the mountain for us, it’s who we’ve got right now,” Adelman said. “And that’s what we have to do, and everybody has to step up.”last_img read more

Legislature Passes Bill To Early Fund Public Education

first_imgSB 26 would implement a percent of market value approach (POMV) for the use of earnings from the Alaska Permanent Fund to pay dividends and fund a portion of the cost for essential state services. The bill covers two years. But the second year of funding, along with an additional $30 million, hinges on passage of separate legislation that would establish draws from the Permanent Fund to help pay for government. The first year of funding starts for the upcoming fiscal year on July 1, and comes with no strings attached. House Finance Committee Co-Chair Rep. Paul Seaton (R-Homer).: “Education stakeholders from across the state can sleep easier tonight knowing that for the first time in three years their schools are funded on time. Passing House Bill 287 means there will be no teacher layoff notices this year due to late funding of the budget, and school districts can plan for a status quo budget. In sending this bill to the Governor for his signature, the members of the Alaska Legislature have shown a commitment to protecting our investment in public education. Our students deserve good schools staffed by teachers focused on education. They should not be worried about their future because of protracted budget negotiations in Juneau.” House Bill 287 passed the Alaska House of Representatives in February by a vote of 33-3. The Alaska State Senate passed the bill by a vote of 15-4 on Saturday, and the House concurred with the Senate changes today by a vote of 31-9. The bill will now be sent to Alaska Governor Bill Walker for his signature.center_img Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享The Legislature, today, passed legislation that will early fund public education in Alaska. House Bill 287 advances the school budget from the normal budget process. The House and Senate passed different versions of SB 26 last year, and the bill is currently being considered by a conference committee. HB 287 appropriates $1.32 billion for K-12 public education in fiscal year 2019. The Senate added a provision to fund the same amount in fiscal year 2020, plus an additional $30 million in one-time grants to school districts if the Alaska Legislature passes Senate Bill 26.last_img read more

In New England battling the opioid crisis with a mix of science

first_img peepsqueek says: Parker12 says: Spuddie says: Share This! peepsqueek says: Spuddie says: By: Amanda Greene Share This! February 23, 2019 at 6:39 am News February 22, 2019 at 12:12 pm Speaking from your perspective as a self-righteous anti-democratic process nosybody through a horse’s posterior, of course. Mark Connelly says: February 22, 2019 at 9:11 am Spuddie says: February 22, 2019 at 8:40 am #2 That attitude always irked me. It is also applied to condoms and birth control – providing them will only encourage bad behavior. They neglect the consequences of that useless advice. Where does tobacco and caffeine fit in amoung the most addictive drugs, and readily available to everyone?? February 22, 2019 at 7:02 am Amanda Greene Amanda Greene is the editor and community manager of Wilmington Faith & Values.,29 Comments Click here to post a comment Ignoring serious public hazards in an effort to sound self-righteous is a common theme with that crowd. Amanda Greene February 22, 2019 at 1:42 pm February 22, 2019 at 3:12 pm Share This! It was pretty clear from the prior post whom I was talking to, in the context of the conversation you decided to interject yourself into without reading closely. The people who discourage access to birth control because it allegedly encourages sexual activity use the same wrongheaded rationale to needle exchange programs. Much like bigots who attack one religion as being evil use the same rationale and tactics as bigots who attack other religions as being evil. Some light reading for you 1) regardless of what the medical marijuana crowd says, weed is a gateway drug for some. Some people have addictive personalities. When they get a taste of a drug, that’s it and Marijuana is often the starting drug. Many opioid addicts, however, started out legally taking them for pain but got addicted. I doubt that the legalization of marijuana will have any impact. Google and you will see that studies are coming out showing medical marijuana can actually help. February 21, 2019 at 10:44 pm By: Amanda Greene A sad story, but unfortunately one that could be told in all 50 states. While the church can play a role; both with good moral teaching and support for those addicted or in recovery – only an all hands aporoach will work.1) regardless of what the medical marijuana crowd says, weed is a gateway drug for some.2) needle programs only perpetuate the problem. In addition, they lead to additional issues as seen in San Francisco.3) the pharmaceutical companies and physicians need to own up to the over prescribing of opiates. A 35 year old soccer mom shouldn’t become an addict because she injured her back.3.5) both the public and private sector needs to work with addicts and those in recovery to get their lives straight.4) the flow of drugs from Mexico needs to stop. Build the wall and enforce movement across the border.5) America is at this very moment deciding whether to stop the opiate crisis or embrace it. Legalization initiatives are on ballots on a number of states under the auspices of “for medical purposes”. Everyone knows it’s a Trojan horse, but we are going to do it anyway. If you vote for it, then own it.6) addiction is real. Once you’re hooked; your done. A friend of mine that I was in the marine corps with OD’d in a parked car. Alone. With a needle hanging out of his arm. He started his addiction as a kid (weed); continued it at the VA (prescription drugs) and ended it in a parking lot (heroin). He was in rehab a lot through the VA and other places; but just couldn’t shake it.This issue reminds me a lot of the abortion issue – you are on one side or the other. And like the abortion issue, one side has horrendous consequences.Please pray for those who are addicted and for their families. They truly are lost souls who cannot help themselves. Mark Connelly says: Share This! Spuddie says: February 22, 2019 at 11:47 am February 21, 2019 at 9:27 pm February 21, 2019 at 9:46 pm Photos of the Week August 30, 2019 February 23, 2019 at 6:43 am 1) Jim Johnson has that one covered throughly2) Needle programs prevent turning addiction into a greater public health hazards by reducing the spread of diseases associated with shared needles. Diseases which frequently cross over into non-addicted populations3+3.5) I am surprised you are taking an anti-big corporate stance. Good for you. Agree there4) Silly response. The wall would never affect narcotics traffic. Mexico is a country the US is at peace with and has open trade. There are realistic limits there which will never be acknowledged by people who typically employ “brown peril” nonsense arguments 5) Silly response as well. Half the problem exists because of legally prescribed drugs which were under-regulated. For someone who frequently demonizes government regulations, this is a rather uncharacteristic stance on your part. 6) Cool story bro. See #1“This issue reminds me a lot of the abortion issue”Me too. There are a lot of self righteous nosybodies pretend to be concerned with life but just use the topic to act like a horse’s posterior. 🙂 February 22, 2019 at 8:03 am peepsqueek says: ‘Marijuana is often the starting drug.’That is a true statement. My last word. Spuddie says: peepsqueek says: Jim Johnson says: Vox? Be specific! What Crowd? Regardless of what the medical marijuana crowd says, marijuana is not medicine, anymore than alcohol or nicotine are medicines. Spuddie says: 🙂 February 21, 2019 at 9:10 pm Jim Johnson says: Parker12 says: February 22, 2019 at 7:01 am peepsqueek says: As Amazon burns, Vatican prepares for summit on region’s faith and sustainabilit … August 30, 2019 Weed is not a gateway for anything. Drugs and alcohol are not the problem. The problem is the need to self destruct, whether it is by drinking, smoking, over eating, bad relationships with the opposite sex, and even weed. I grew up in the sixties with lots of free sex, drugs, and alcohol. Those who felt worth it, deep down inside, had their fun and went on to live productive lives, and those did not feel worth it, no matter how much success and money they accumulated, they found a way to self destruct. Now that I am an old man, I can actually say that I have lost more friends to habits and degenerative diseases associated with over eating of bad foods and lack of exercise than from anything else. Good people who just did not feel worth it deep down inside. I was clear enough. If you read the preceding conversation you would have gotten the context. News • Photos of the Week Cancel replyYou must be logged in to post a comment. Far more people die of self inflicted diabetes and heart disease every year, and that destroys lives as well. Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn ReddIt Email No need to. 😀 peepsqueek says: February 22, 2019 at 7:57 am Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn ReddIt Email,A police officer speaks to people on New Haven Green on Aug. 15, 2018, in New Haven, Conn. Emergency personnel responded to dozens of overdoses at the park on Aug. 12, 2018. (AP Photo/Bill Sikes)NEW HAVEN, Conn. (RNS) — Doreen Abubakar arrived at Manjares Restaurant and Fine Pastries in New Haven, Conn., catching her breath and waiting for a miracle.Her 29-year-old daughter was in intensive care at a nearby hospital, unconscious and bleeding internally, symptoms that doctors said were connected to years of being addicted to opiates, heroin, cocaine and crack.Her daughter might need surgery, Abubakar said as she sat down, adding that she might have to leave at a moment’s notice.“As those children come to you and you go through life, as parents, we realize we can’t fix everything,” Abubakar said. “As a parent, we think all we gotta do is the same thing our parents did, and it will be OK.”But with her eldest daughter, Abubakar said, more intervention was needed.This has been her life over the past decade and a half.Abubakar said her daughter’s journey into drug abuse began in eighth grade, when she started smoking marijuana on the streets with her friends. From there, she began using harder drugs, her mom said.“She tried to go to a Florida rehab. They even paid for it,” Abubakar said. “But she was still holding on to this attitude of ‘I don’t really need help, I can stop this. This is what I choose to do.’”But her daughter’s fragile frame started to buckle under the weight of the substances she was taking, and she regularly fainted and fell. Abubakar took her to the hospital in January after one fainting incident, and the doctors kept her daughter for 15 days, treating her for anemia and internal bleeding.Abubakar was thankful for her daughter’s hospitalization because it kept her away from the streets and the drugs. But after she was released, her daughter fainted again on Feb. 4, went into cardiac arrest on the floor of Abubakar’s bathroom and had to be rushed back to the hospital.Addiction stories like Abubaker’s are rapidly becoming more common in Connecticut, a state the National Institute on Drug Abuse counts among the top 10 states with the highest rates of opioid-related deaths. According to the agency, the state has seen a nearly fourfold increase in deaths from opioid overdoses since 2016.In a 2017 anti-opioid campaign, the U.S. attorney’s office for the District of Connecticut said there were 446 deaths from fentanyl overdoses in 2015, up 3,000 percent from 2012. On Aug. 15, 2018, New Haven ambulances responded to more than 70 overdoses in one city park, the New Haven Green near Yale University, stemming from the abuse of a tainted batch of synthetic marijuana called K2 and other drugs.The opioid epidemic has hit New England very hard. Photo courtesy of USDA/Creative CommonsThe crisis has left churches scrambling to respond.Last year, a man overdosed on the front porch of The Center Church, a First Church of Christ in Hartford. The police were called, but church officials never learned what subsequently happened to him, said the Rev. Shelly Stackhouse, the church’s transitional pastor.The incident made Stackhouse aware that the church, which already hosts weekly free community meals and runs an outreach center, needed guidance on how to respond to the opioid epidemic, especially how to minister to those with addictions.Stackhouse pursued training through Faith in Harm Reduction, a program offered by the Harm Reduction Coalition, a New York organization that educates faith leaders on how to deal with drug abuse in their communities. She is also pursuing training in how to administer Narcan, a drug that’s used to treat overdose victims.“Both our outreach director and I will be trained to use Narcan in the near future, and we will keep some on-site,” she said.The Rev. Erica Poellot, the coalition’s director of Faith and Community Partnerships, is seeing more faith leaders of all denominations across the country reaching out. She said the faith community needs to change the conversation about drug abuse, replacing stigma with compassion.“I heard from hundreds of people following a sermon on the spirit of harm reduction that they had never heard the drugs issue talked about with compassion,” she said, “that they had never heard their story reflected with love from inside a sacred space, that they have never heard themselves, their children, their lovers, called beloved.”As the pastor of Maranatha Life Changing Ministries Church of God in Christ, Roger Wilkins said he hopes more ministries in New Haven and across Connecticut will get involved in helping drug abusers in their communities.Families in his neighborhood, he said, are “spending their money on all these other things instead of the basics, so we are also feeding people and providing food for homes that need it,” he said.In Bridgeport, Pivot Ministries has seen a sharp increase in the need for its faith-based men’s residential treatment program.“I have witnessed the drug use demographic shift from predominantly cocaine use four or five years ago to predominantly opiate use via pills and heroin,” said the Rev. Richard Williams, executive director. “The local Bridgeport faith community is alert to the drug epidemic and makes referrals for those who are in need of help and treatment services.”Pivot also partners with 47 churches throughout Connecticut and New England, according to its website.After her daughter’s troubles began, Abubakar became a facilitator for Smart Recovery, a self-management program for people with addictions that also provides recovery training for people and organizations who work with addicted populations. Abubakar wants to get more New Haven churches involved in the program as a resource to help people like her daughter.Education is the key, she said, but churches can combine information with hope. “They can speak to both sides, giving biblical hope but understanding the specifics of what science says is the problem,” she said.At the café, a local pastor, Mary Ransome, came over to give Abubakar a hug and to ask about her daughter’s health. Ransome knows what it’s like to have a child who struggles with addictions.She said her 38-year-old daughter was arrested on a parole violation and placed in a court-ordered rehabilitation program in November 2018, after years of using the drug “Wet,” the street name for a combination of marijuana and PCP.“She’s got to stay clean for five years. I’m glad because she doesn’t want to go to jail,” Ransome said. “She called me this morning. She’s gaining weight. She said, ‘Mom, I feel healthy.’ This was prayer because God has given her people to look at her and work with her.”At the restaurant table, Abubakar’s phone lit up with text messages and then phone calls. It was time for her daughter’s surgery. She had to leave.A few days later, she reported that the surgery had stopped the bleeding in her daughter’s abdomen. “We give God praise,” she texted.But later that week, her daughter’s health had deteriorated. On Feb. 9, Abubakar texted again: “Saying our last goodbyes. All tests confirmed no brain activity (brain dead.) We thank God for giving hope and time.” Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn ReddIt Email,About the authorView All Posts Drug use + free needles = homelessness and poop in the streets; actually creating a public hazard while destroying lives: peepsqueek says: February 22, 2019 at 7:54 am peepsqueek says: A well written and compassionate article that address one of the most compelling issues of our time. Jim Johnson says: February 22, 2019 at 12:21 pm peepsqueek says: February 22, 2019 at 7:57 am February 22, 2019 at 12:14 pm Nice dodge to a simple question. That was a wildly dishonest response. As usual. You have added another part of the equation which changed its nature. Needle exchanges have been proved to work against opioid addiction. They’re banned in 15 states.“Needle exchange programs are an exhaustively studied, proven public health intervention in the fight against opioid addiction — making them a key component in efforts to halt the opioid epidemic.” Neither is it mine and neither do I. February 22, 2019 at 7:24 am Instagram apostasy stirs controversy over Christian ‘influencers’ August 30, 2019 I hate repeating myself because someone has a reading problem.Marijuana is often the first substance (other thanalcohol) people try. I did as did most of my peers. I liked it and I continue to do so. My only substance. Some people went farther and ended up addicted because they have an addictive or destructive personalities. Addictive drugs are the problem. Catholicism Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn ReddIt Email Jim Johnson says: By: Amanda Greene February 22, 2019 at 5:48 pm February 22, 2019 at 1:34 pm Pope demands ‘concrete’ response to abuse crisis at Vatican summit February 21, 2019 at 8:29 pm Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn ReddIt Email Everything that tastes good or feels good is addictive. It is like saying food is the problem and the gateway to heart disease and obesity. Food can be your best friend or your worst enemy. We have to make relationships Isn”t it nice that no one cares. The easiest thing in the world is not to care. Great teaching moment,At sex abuse summit, Catholic bishops tangle with details It’s not my claim and I don’t care. peepsqueek says: Jim Johnson says: Mark Connelly says: February 21, 2019 at 7:37 pm Tagsfaith and public life homepage featured medical treatment New England opioid epidemic,You may also like When I mention the systematic teaching of “holy war” against the infidels by clerics and academics, causing the weekly acts of terrorism that we read about in international news, in multiple Countries, you say that I am offending 1.2 billion faithful. But when you say “that crowd”, whom specifically do you speak of at the risk of offending people?? Please do not dodge the question. Edmond Chibeau says: February 21, 2019 at 9:58 pm Spuddie says: Mark Connelly says: Marijuana is medicine! It is a mild sedative. A glass of wine with you dinner is medicine. But even even aspirin and good food can kill you or make you toxic if not used in moderation. People who want to self destruct will find a way to do it, even if their are no drugs around. Probably the biggest killer out there is consuming too much sugar and fried foods. Share This! February 22, 2019 at 1:36 pm Again, nice dodge! February 21, 2019 at 6:14 pm February 22, 2019 at 7:47 am last_img read more

McKinley Tech High School Alum Completes Basic Training

first_imgAir Force Airman 1st Class Melvin Carter II graduated from basic military training at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, San Antonio, Texas.The airman completed an intensive, eight-week program that included training in military discipline and studies, Air Force core values, physical fitness, and basic warfare principles and skills.Airmen who complete basic training earn four credits toward an associate in applied science degree through the Community College of the Air Force.Carter is the son of Denise and Melvin Carter of Washington, D.C.He is a 2007 graduate of McKinley Technology High School, Washington, D.C. He earned a bachelor’s degree in 2011 from Norfolk State University, Norfolk, Va.last_img

Scientists accelerate airflow in midair

first_img Citation: Scientists accelerate airflow in mid-air (2017, August 21) retrieved 18 August 2019 from (a)–(d) Water vapor can be electronically steered through open air at different angles, without tilting the beam source. (e) Conventional water vapor spreading, for comparison. Credit: Hasegawa et al. ©2017 American Institute of Physics This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Explore further More information: Keisuke Hasegawa et al. “Electronically steerable ultrasound-driven long narrow air stream.” Applied Physics Letters. DOI: 10.1063/1.4985159 When a fan blows air across a room, the airflow typically decelerates and spreads out. Now in a new study, scientists have demonstrated the opposite: an airflow created by a carefully controlled ultrasound array can maintain its narrow shape and accelerate as it moves away from the source. The researchers explain that it’s as if the airflow is being pushed along by a sequence of invisible fans floating in mid-air. They expect that the accelerating air stream could have unprecedented applications, such as the ability to perform and control chemical reactions in mid-air.center_img The physicists, Keisuke Hasegawa et al., from The University of Tokyo, RIKEN, and Nanzan University, have published a paper on the steerable, ultrasound-driven air streams in a recent issue of Applied Physics Letters.As the researchers explain, self-accelerating acoustic beams have been demonstrated several times before in water and in air. An important aspect of the new study is that the beams can be controlled, marking the first demonstration of an electronically steerable macroscopic self-accelerating beam in free space. The researchers used a type of beam called a Bessel beam, which has the unusual property of not spreading out as it propagates, but rather maintaining a narrow, tightly focused shape. The scientists generated these beams using a phased array of approximately 1000 ultrasound transducers. Each transducer converts an electrical signal into an ultrasound wave, and tuning the wavefronts of these emitted waves controls the direction of the airflow. The ultrasound field also produces kinetic energy, which accelerates the air stream as it propagates forward. In experiments, the researchers demonstrated that the spot with the highest velocity can be located a foot or more away from the sound source.One of the most interesting features of the beam is that that tilting the ultrasound array is not required to control the beam direction. Instead, the beam is electronically steerable by tuning the wavefronts, which forms a tilted beam without tilting the array. The researchers also showed that the airflow is powerful enough to be felt by the hand and to guide water vapor in a desired direction. The scientists expect that the ability to generate an air flow with these unique properties will lead to new applications, such as performing mid-air chemical reactions, sampling a gas concentration, and in studies of ethology, such as investigating how animals respond to pheromones in the air.”Animals react to physiological substances in the air such as pheromone,” Hasegawa told “We expect that such substances can be conveyed to target animals and observe their reaction. Our method does not need to constrain their movement or require them to wear specific instruments. So it would offer an opportunity to observe the natural reaction of animals.”In the future, the researchers plan to further explore methods for controlling the air flow.”Currently, we are planning to create more preferable flows for conveying airborne substances,” Hasegawa said. “For example, current flows entail turbulence, which deteriorates the spatial localization of the conveyed substances. We think it possible to make the flow more similar to a laminar flow by designing the ultrasound field in a refined fashion.” Journal information: Applied Physics Letters © 2017 New ‘needle-pulse’ beam pattern packs a punchlast_img read more

Study suggests hydroelectric dams causing greater impact on Amazon basin than thought

first_img Explore further Citation: Study suggests hydroelectric dams causing greater impact on Amazon basin than thought (2018, February 1) retrieved 18 August 2019 from A team of researchers from the U.S. and multiple countries in South America has found that hydroelectric dams built in the Amazon river basin, which were built to meet the growing electricity demands in the region, are making more of an impact on the natural geography than previously thought. In their paper published on the open access site Science Advances, the group describes using data from satellites to learn more about the true impact of modern dam building. PausePlay% buffered00:0000:00UnmuteMuteDisable captionsEnable captionsSettingsCaptionsDisabledQuality0SpeedNormalCaptionsGo back to previous menuQualityGo back to previous menuSpeedGo back to previous menu0.5×0.75×Normal1.25×1.5×1.75×2×Exit fullscreenEnter fullscreen Play Navigation is a central river ecosystem service that could be affected by the direct and indirect effects associated with fragmentation by dams in the Andes Amazon. Credit: Sebastian Heilpern Damming a river has other impacts as well, the team notes. Dams trap silt, comprising sediments and nutrients that farmers (and the trees in the forests) have relied on for a very long time. When a dam is built, the team points out, 100 percent of the silt gets trapped. Dams also prevent natural flooding during the rainy season, preventing the natural dispersal of seeds in the Amazon basin. The overall problem, the researchers point out, is the large number of dams and the numbers of new ones that are planned—together, they represent a major threat to the river basin. A river’s natural flow regime acts as a master control on numerous human and ecological systems. Credit: Elizabeth Anderson © 2018 More information: Elizabeth P. Anderson et al. Fragmentation of Andes-to-Amazon connectivity by hydropower dams, Science Advances (2018). DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.aao1642AbstractAndes-to-Amazon river connectivity controls numerous natural and human systems in the greater Amazon. However, it is being rapidly altered by a wave of new hydropower development, the impacts of which have been previously underestimated. We document 142 dams existing or under construction and 160 proposed dams for rivers draining the Andean headwaters of the Amazon. Existing dams have fragmented the tributary networks of six of eight major Andean Amazon river basins. Proposed dams could result in significant losses in river connectivity in river mainstems of five of eight major systems—the Napo, Marañón, Ucayali, Beni, and Mamoré. With a newly reported 671 freshwater fish species inhabiting the Andean headwaters of the Amazon (>500 m), dams threaten previously unrecognized biodiversity, particularly among endemic and migratory species. Because Andean rivers contribute most of the sediment in the mainstem Amazon, losses in river connectivity translate to drastic alteration of river channel and floodplain geomorphology and associated ecosystem services. As cities in South America grow, electrical needs grow along with them. In the Amazon basin, the most logical option for fulfilling those needs is hydroelectric dams. But what is the impact on the geography of all the new dams? As the authors note, little has been done to find out. To learn more, they obtained satellite images and studied them, looking for clues. Their analysis led to two important findings. The first was that there are many more hydroelectric plants in operation in the Amazon basin than have been reported through official channels. The other involved the impact that hydroelectric dams on areas downstream.Damming a river does not reduce the amount of water that flows from one end of a river to the other—once the reservoir formed behind it is filled, the amount of water flows unchanged (unless people pump some of it out). But building a dam can have a permanent impact on organisms that live in the river, such as spawning fish—the dorado, for example, historically swims more than 3000 miles to deposit its eggs, but now is disappearing because it cannot get past the dams that humans have built. That can cause problems for fishermen, and, of course, for those who do not want to see fish populations die off. Dams on Andean Amazon rivers often divert all water from a river channel over a distance of several kilometers. In addition to the barrier of the dam itself, these de-watered reaches are significant breaks in connectivity. Credit: Elizabeth Anderson Hydroelectric dams threaten Brazil’s mysterious Pantanal—one of the world’s great wetland This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Journal information: Science Advanceslast_img read more

Body of woman found hanging at inlaws residence in Regent Park

first_imgKolkata: Mystery shrouds the death of a housewife whose body was found hanging from a fan inside her in-laws’ house at Regent Park on Thursday.The family members of the victim lodged a complaint at the police station stating that the woman had been murdered by her husband and in-laws who are absconding since the incident had taken place.Police said the victim Nalini Shaw got married to Sanjib Shaw, a resident of Palpara area of Regent Park in February this year. A quarrel broke out between the couple two months after their marriage. It was alleged that accused husband is involved in an illicit love relationship with his sister-in-law and the victim had come to know about the matter. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeThe victim’s family members told the police that the woman had raised objections several times and urged her husband to call it off. But the accused on the other hand had been mounting pressure on the victim to get divorce. He also gave some papers to the woman asking for her signature. The victim’s father told police that they had paid a few lakh rupees to the accused during the marriage. He said the woman’s farther-in-law called them up on Thursday afternoon saying she locked herself inside a room. When they rushed to the house, they came to know that the victim had been taken to a hospital. They later went to the hospital and found her dead.Police are investigating if the victim had committed suicide after being tortured by the accused or there was any foul play behind her death. On the basis of a specific complaint, police have started a probe.Police are conducting raids to nab the accused. They are also interrogating the other family members of the accused and locals in this connection.last_img read more

Man taken to hospital after three vehicle collision

first_imgGet the biggest Daily stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribingSee our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailA man in his sixties had to be cut free from his vehicle following a three-vehicle collision. The emergency services raced to Buxton Road, near Flash, between the A54 Cat and Fiddle and Longnor Road, in Flash, at approximately 9.10am today (June 29). Firefighters reported the collision involved two cars and a light good vehicle and left one male trapped – the extent of his injuries are not yet known. Read MoreFind out the unusual reason police officers stopped this driver A Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service spokesman said: “Firefighters from Leek and Longnor have cut a man free from his vehicle after a crash on Buxton Road involving two cars and an LGV. “He is now being taken to hospital by air ambulance.” Read MoreFirefighters rescue stag from canal A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman confirmed an ambulance, paramedic officer, and the Midlands Air Ambulance from Staffordshire attended the incident. He added: “We treated a man in his sixties who was trapped in his car and do not have full information about his injuries at this moment in time.”last_img read more

Hawaiis Island Air announces its shutting down

first_img Share Tags: Hawaii Friday, November 10, 2017 Source: The Associated Press HONOLULU — Hawaii’s second-largest airline, Island Air, has announced its last day of service will be Friday after having exhausted all options to remain flying.Island Air, which has about 400 employees, filed for bankruptcy protection on Oct. 16 after its aircraft lessor attempted to repossess the company’s three remaining Q400 aircraft for nonpayment.The airline lost money every quarter for the past four-plus years. It flew interisland routes for 37 years.The airline said in a message on its website that passengers need to contact their credit card company for inquiries on refunds. Hawaiian Airlines said it will honour Island Air tickets for the next week on a standby basis. Hawaii’s Island Air announces it’s shutting down << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more

Dbacks president Derrick Hall Franchise still f

first_img D-backs president Derrick Hall: Franchise ‘still focused on Arizona’ The second-leading receiver in Ravens’ history has beenbothered by a hamstring injury that has kept him out ofArizona’s last two games. Heap was limited in practice onWednesday and his status is still up in the air forSunday.“Taking it day to day right now,” Heap said. “I’m hopingthat I’ll be ready and one-hundred percent.”Heap also did his best to downplay his potentialhomecoming when he spoke with the media, but he did talkabout how he felt when his exodus from Baltimore actuallywent down.“It was something that obviously that hit me out of leftfield, and I didn’t see it coming,” he said. “I kind ofjust had to take it all in stride and anytime somethinglike that happens, you look forward and see what’s instore for you, and that’s kind of what I’ve done and I’vetried not to look back.”Even if Heap can’t go on Sunday, his experience in facingthe fierce Ravens’ defense in practice every day for tenyears has got to be valuable for a team trying to break a5-game losing streak.“I know what Ed [Reed] is capable of, I know what Ray[Lewis] is capable of. I know what Terrell Suggs iscapable of,” Heap said. “I’ve seen all the guys for somany years that you can still watch them and see howimpressive they are, to be doing what they’re doing.” Cardinals expect improving Murphy to contribute right away Comments   Share   For Arizona Cardinal fans who tune into Sunday’s road gameagainst the Baltimore Ravens, there may be a littlefeeling of nostalgia.How can you blame them? It’ll be the first time thatAnquan Boldin, who spent his first seven years in theleague in Cardinal red, will play against his former team.But on the other side, it’ll be strange for Baltimorefaithful to see former Ravens Pro Bowl tight end Todd Heapon the field at M&T Bank Stadium wearing colors other thanblack and purple. That is, if Heap plays. What an MLB source said about the D-backs’ trade haul for Greinke Top Stories The Ravens host the Cardinals at 10:00 a.m. Sundaymorning. Nevada officials reach out to D-backs on potential relocationlast_img read more

Noteworthy Stat The Rams scored 51 points against

first_imgNoteworthy Stat: The Rams scored 51 points against the Cardinals last season. It was their highest combined output against any NFC West opponent, although 14 of those points came on the defensive end. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Top Stories Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling 0 Comments   Share   The Arizona Cardinals kick off the Bruce Arians era Sunday afternoon against the St. Louis Rams at Edward Jones Dome.While Arizona has won three straight Week 1 games — including a 17-10 victory over the Rams in St. Louis back in Sept. 2010 — Jeff Fisher’s squad got the best of the Redbirds last season, winning both contests by a combined 28 points.Both teams are expected to play second fiddle to the beasts of the NFC West — the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks — this season. However, there is still optimism in St. Louis and in the Valley. With a bevy of veteran acquisitions (Carson Palmer, Jake Long, Jared Cook, John Abraham, Rashard Mendenhall) and an infusion of young talent (Alec Ogletree, Jonathan Cooper, Kevin Minter, T.J. McDonald, Tyrann Mathieu and Tavon Austin) during the offseason, both franchises head into Sunday’s showdown with a chance to turn some heads in 2013.Keys for the Cardinals offense:1. Keep Carson Palmer upright: For the first time since 2009, the Cardinals have a competent quarterback behind center. That’s music to the ears of Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd and Andre Roberts, but it won’t matter much if the former Heisman Trophy winner spends most of Sunday afternoon on the ground. In two games against the St. Louis defense last season, Arizona’s offensive line allowed 11 sacks — including nine in their 17-3 loss on Oct. 4, 2012. The good news: the offensive line will look a bit different with new faces (Eric Winston and Paul Fainaka) and the return of an old face (Levi Brown). The bad news: Chris Long and Robert Quinn still play for the Rams. As far as challenges go, Week 1 will present a notable one for the new-look line.2. Run, run, run: Following the preseason, Bruce Arians said that the run game would be the strength of the Cardinals’ offense going into the season — so much so that the team decided to keep five running backs (Rashard Mendenhall, Ryan Williams, Stepfan Taylor, Andre Ellington and Alfonso Smith) on its 53-man roster. St. Louis’ defense allowed a combined 119 rushing yards against the Cardinals a season ago, but the new stable of backs offer something last year’s group lacked: Depth and versatility. If the Cardinals can establish the run game early Sunday, Carson Palmer might have more time to throw in play-action situations. And that is never a bad thing. Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Keys for the St. Louis offense:1. Release Richardson: A seventh-round draft pick in 2012, Daryl Richardson is now the man in the Rams’ backfield. With Steven Jackson gone and Isiah Pead suspended for the first four games, Richardson will be given every opportunity to keep the starting tailback job. During his rookie campaign, Richardson was primarily used in spot duty, but the 5-foot-10 standout out of Abilene Christian showed off his big-play speed when given the chance. On four different occasions, Richardson had carries of 20 yards or more last season. St. Louis would be wise to give him a heavy workload in Week 1.2. Feature the new weapons: Between Austin, Cooke and rookie wideout Stedman Bailey, Bradford has plenty of new options at his disposal. Like Richardson, Austin and Bailey have big-play capability written all over them. Between Austin’s speed and Bailey’s hands, Bradford should not be at a loss for targets when looking to move the ball down the field. Cook doesn’t offer the same threat as the former WVU teammates, but the 6-foot-5 tight end is very athletic and could present matchup problems in the red zone.3. Be mindful of No. 21: As mentioned above, Bradford should make the most of his new personnel. With that said, the former Heisman Trophy winner needs to do so cautiously when throwing to Patrick Peterson’s side of the field. In four career games against the Rams, Peterson has three interceptions. 2. Take away Tavon’s space: Tavon Austin hasn’t even played a regular season down in the NFL, and already he’s being talked about as the second coming of Percy Harvin. The No. 8 overall pick was a handful in the open field during his time at West Virginia, so it’ll be in the Cardinals’ best interest to finish off plays at the first point of contact. If the 5-foot-8 wideout is able to get out in space, it could be a long afternoon for Arizona.3. Avoid the chunk plays: Along the same lines as containing Austin at the first point of contact, the Cardinals would be well-served to limit the number of chunk plays they give up in St. Louis. Last season, the Rams recorded six plays of 25 yards or more in their two games against the Cardinals — four of which were passes by Bradford for 37 yards or more. Blown coverages are going to happen from time to time, but the easiest way to limit chunk plays is to make the Rams quarterback uncomfortable, or at the very least it’s important to finish off tackles following completions or run attempts.Noteworthy stat: Arizona allowed 215 yards on the ground to St. Louis running back Steven Jackson in 2012. Jackson, however, signed with the Atlanta Falcons in the offseason. 3. Life without Rob: Rob Housler will be out of Sunday’s game as he continues to recover from the the sprained right ankle suffered against the San Diego Chargers during the preseason. Housler, who caught 45 passes in 2012, was thought to be a big offensive target coming into the year — given Bruce Arians’ affinity for utilizing tight ends in the passing game. With Housler out, the onus will be on Jim Dray, rookie D.C. Jefferson and Kory Sperry (three combined catches in 2012) to pick up the slack.Noteworthy stat: In two games against St. Louis, Arizona’s offense didn’t record a single touchdown through the air last season.Keys for the St. Louis defense:1. Get settled in the secondary: While St. Louis returns its two top cornerbacks from a season ago in Cortland Finnegan and Janoris Jenkins, come Sunday the rest of the secondary will be comprised of two safeties who have no career starts — T.J. McDonald and Rodney McLeod. Odds are Palmer will test the duo early and often, so calming the nerves could play a big part in the outcome of the game.2. Put pressure on Palmer: With inexperience in the secondary, St. Louis’ front four need to win the battle at the line of scrimmage. Arizona’s offensive line has been upgraded, as has the quarterback position, but Palmer isn’t exactly mobile when flushed out of the pocket, and right guard Paul Faniaka will also be making his first career start. If the Rams want to set a tone in the first half, a consistent pass rush led by Long, Quinn and Michael Brockers would seem like the best recipe for success. 3. Where there’s a Will there’s a way: The Rams parted ways with linebacker Jo-Lonn Dunbar earlier this week. Dunbar, who was already suspended for the first four weeks of the season for violating the league’s substance abuse policy, wasn’t great in coverage but did record 114 total tackles and 4.5 sacks in 16 starts last season. In his place, Will Witherspoon with get the nod. The 12-year veteran doesn’t need to supply a ton of pressure in passing situations; but, to keep Mendenhall from having a big game on the outside, Witherspoon will need to do his part.Noteworthy stat: The Rams allowed a season-low three points against the Cardinals in Week 5 last year.Keys for the Arizona defense:1. Continue to create takeaways: Preseason games don’t mean anything in the standings, but certain trends can be indicative of how the upcoming season will turn out once the games count. A positive trend that developed during the exhibition portion of the 2013 schedule was the Cardinals’ ability to force turnovers. Todd Bowles’ unit caused 10 in all, but hopefully they saved some for the regular season, particularly for Sunday’s opener. Against St. Louis last season, Arizona forced only two total turnovers.last_img read more